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Uttarakhand Set 1

Uttarakhand Set 1

Q.1) When that April with his shoures soote

The droghte of March had perced to the roote

And bathed every veyne in swich licour

Of which vertu engendered is the flour

Who wrote these lines?

(a) Chaucer

(b) Langland

(c) Gower

(d) None of these

Q.2) In Anglo-Saxon Christian poems Christ, Juliana Elene and The Fates of the Apostles are ascribed to

(a) Bede

(b) Dunstan

(c) Cynewulf

(d) Junius

Q.3) A group of 17 century English poets whose work is notable for ingenious use of intellectual and theological concepts in surprising conceits, strange paradoxes and farfetched imagery is known as

(a) The Solider Poets

(b) The Humanists

(c) The Metaphysical Poets

(d) The Cavalier Poets

Q.4) The first long narrative poem written by Chaucer is

(a) The Book of the Duchess

(b) The House of Fame

(c) The Parliament of Foules

(d) Troylus and Criseyde

Q.5) The oldest of the Anglo-Saxon Biblical poems which dates from the beginning of the eighth century is

(a) Daniel

(b) Exodus

(c) Vulgate

(d) The Dream of the Road

Q.6) “Genesis” the longest poem based on Old Testament Story, contains nearly

(a) One thousand lines

(b) Two thousand lines

(c) Four thousand lines

(d) Three thousand lines

Q.7) Choose the playwright who was killed in a brawl

(a) Thomas Nash

(b) Thomas Watson

(c) Christopher Marlowe

(d) Edward Moore

Q.8) Among the following works which one is not written by Ben Jonson?

(a) Volpone or The Fox

(b) Epicoene or The Silent Woman

(c) Pericles

(d) The Alchemist

Q.9) Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus written by Mary Shelley is a

(a) Picaresque novel

(b) Gothic tale

(c) Tragedy

(d) Murder Mystery

Q.10) What is the subtitle of Goldsmith’s semi-autobiographical poem The Traveller?

(a) A Song to David

(b) The Citizen of the World

(c) A Prospect of Society

(d) The Prince

Q.11) Which of the following poems was completed by Tennyson in seventeen years?

(a) The Lotus Eaters

(b) In Memoriam

(c) The Princess

(d) The Lady of Shalott Par

Q.12) Identify the members of the Cockney School of Poetry

(a) Leigh Hunt, John Keats, William Wordsworth

(b) John Keats, P B Shelley, Lord Byron

(c) Leigh Hunt, John Keats Wilfred Owen

(d) Leigh Hunt John Keats

Q.13) In which of Hardy’s novel does the character sorrow appear?

(a) A Pair of Blue Eyes

(b) Tess of the D’Urbervilles

(c) Under the Greenwood

(d) Jude the Obscure

Q.14) Which one out of the following is not a dystopian novel?

(a) When the Sleeper Wakes

(b) Nineteen Eighty Four

(c) Riddley Walker

(d) Animal Farm

Q.15) The first secular usage of the term “Epiphany” was done by

(a) Oscar Wilde

(b) Shakespeare

(c) James Joyce

(d) Marlowe

Q.16) “The pen is mightier than the sword” This is an example of

(a) Apostrophe

(b) Metathesis

(c) Metonymy

(d) Archaism

Q.17) In which of the following texts does the character Madame Sosostris appear?

(a) The Waste Land

(b) Ulysses

(c) Dubliners

(d) The Rainbow

Q.18) Which one out of the following novels by Virginia Woolf was published posthumously?

(a) To The Lighthouse

(b) Between the Acts

(c) Orlando

(d) The Years

Q.19) The Grapes of Wrath is written by

(a) John Steinbeck

(b) F Scott Fitzgerald

(c) Gertrude Stein

(d) Nathaniel Hawthorne

Q.20) Who, out of the following literary artists, declared himself a classicist in literature, an Anglo Catholic in religion and a royalist in politics”?

(a) F R Leavis

(b) James Joyce

(c) William Empson

(d) T S Eliot

Q.21) Two prominent figures of post-structuralism are:

(a) Roland Barthes and Edward Said

(b) Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida

(c) Jacques Derrida and Ferdinand de Saussure

(d) Ferdinand de Saussure and Freud

Q.22) “Implied Reader” is a term introduced by

(a) Wolfgang Iser

(b) Cleanth Brooks

(c) Ferdinand de Saussure

(d) Roland Barthes

Q.23) Which element, our of the following is not essential for accurate pronunciation?

(a) Stress

(b) Fluency

(c) Intonation

(d) Semantics

Q.24) The existence of conflicting discourse within any field of linguistic activity, such as a national language, a novel, or a specific conversation is called

(a) Heteroglossia

(b) Hermeneutics

(c) Denotation

(d) Circumlocution

Q.25) Which critic out of the following has expressed the theory, that “the technique of analysis each teacher will, for the most part, have to develop for himself”?

(a) Cleanth Brooks

(b) T S Eliot

(c) L A Richards

(d) F R Leavis

Q.26) Milton’s first work is

(a) Paradise Lost

(b) On the Morning of Christ’s Nativity

(c) Samson Agonistes

(d) Defensio

Q.27) Poetry was composed in the East Midland dialect by

(a) Skelton

(b) Stephen Hawes

(c) Chaucer

(d) Thomas Wyatt

Q.28) In which century were the two parts of Cervantes’s Don Quixote published?

(a) Fourteenth century

(b) Early sixteenth century

(c) Seventeenth century

(d) Early eighteenth century

Q.29) “As flies to wanton boys, are we to the Gods: They kill us for their sport” –

Who uttered these lines?

(a) Gloucester in Kign Lear

(b) King Lear in King Lear

(c) Othello in Othello

(d) Hamlet in Hamlet

Q.30) Who wrote these lines and in which poem do these lines appear?

“Eyes I dare not meet in dreams

In death’s dream kingdom

(a) W Yeats in Leda and the Swan

(b) T S Elict in The Hollows Man

(c) TS Eliot in The Waste Land

(d) Rudyard Kipling in Recessional

Q.31) “Poetry is simply the most delightful and perfect form of utterance that human words. Can reach”

The above definition has been given by

(a) Francis Bacon

(b) Edgar Allan Poe

(c) Leigh Hunt

(d) Matthew Arnold

Q.32) In which year was the Tatler first issued?

(a) 1611

(b) 1711

(c) 1609

(d) 1709

Q.33) Who is Achitophel in Dryden’s Absalom and Achitophel?

(a) Earl of Shaftesburg

(b) Earl of Monmouth

(c) James

(d) None of the above

Q.34) A blending or confusion of different kinds of sense-impression, in which one type of sensation is referred to in terms more appropriate to another is called

(a) Morpheme

(b) Symbolist

(c) Synaesthesia

(d) Synchronic

Q.35) “A kind of criticism that restricts itself to describing the critics’ own subjective response to a literary work, rather than ascribing intrinsic Qualities to it” is called

(a) Legislative Criticism

(b) Impressionistic Criticism

(c) Comparative

(d) New Criticism Criticism

Q.36) A kind of literary interpretation that regards literary works as expressions or embodiments of recurrent patterns or of timeless archetypes is known as

(a) Formalism

(b) Expressionism

(c) Myth Criticism

(d) Dadaism

Q.37) Match the following authors poets from List A’ to the titles of their works poems in List “B”


(A) Gower

(B) Robert Manning

(C) Geoffrey Chaucer

(D) Ovid


(a) Heroides

(b) The Romance of the Rose

(c) Vox Clamantis

(d) Handlyng Synne

(A). (a)-3 (b)-4 (c)-2 (d)-1

(B). (a)-2, (b)-3 (c)-1, (d)-4

(C). (a)-2, (b)-4, (c)-3 (d)-1

(D). (a)-1, (b)-3 (c)-2, (d)-4

Q.38) The story of Robinson Gusoe was inspired by the real life adventures of a sailer, who spent four years on a deserted island, Name the sailor

(a) Juan Fernandez

(b) Borneo

(c) Squire Lagoon

(d) Alexander Selkirk

Q.39) Charles Lamb characterises her manner as “innocence resembling boldness” and William Hazlitt found in her “that forced and practised presence of mind Identify that character

(a) Vittoria in The White Devil

(b) Duchess in The Duchess of Mall

(c) Miranda in The Tempest

(d) Isabella in The White Devil

Q.40) Paston Letters is the collection of the descriptions of the three generations of

(a) Edward family

(b) Norfolk family

(c) Georges

(d) Olivers

Q.41) Which among the following is not a play by William Congreve?

(a) The Double Dealer

(b) The Mourning Bride

(c) The Way of the World

(d) All for Love

Q.42) The letters of which English poet have been described by TS Eliot as “certainly the most notable and most important ever written by any English poet”?

(a) P B Shelley

(b) John Keats

(c) Lord Byron

(d) S T Coleridge

Q.43) Arrange the following works in chronological order

(1) Almayer’s Folly

(2) The Niger of Narcissus

(3) An Outcast of the Islands

(4) Under Western Eye

(A). (1) (2) (4) (1)

(B). (1) (4) (2) (3)

(C). (1) (3) (2) (4)

(D). (1) (3) (4) (2)

Q.44) The Wind Among Reeds is a collection of lyrics composed by

(a) William Wordsworth

(b) T S Eliot

(c) W B Yeats

(d) P B Shelley

Q.45) Which of the following is not written by Anita Desai?

(a) Fasting Feasting

(b) Games at Twilight

(c) The Inheritance of Loss

(d) Diamond Dust

Q.46) “Peripeteia’ is generally explained as

(a) A reversal of situation

(b) The conclusion

(c) The conflict in the play

(d) The change from ignorance to knowledge

Q.47) Who considered Dryden “the father of English Criticism”?

(a) William Hazlitt

(b) Charles Lamb

(c) T S Eliot

(d) Samuel Johnson

Q.48) Anatomy of Criticism is a work by

(a) Northrop Frye

(b) I A Richards

(c) George Saintsbury

(d) Raymond Williams

Q.49) For which book did Ruskin Bond get Sahitya Akademy Award?

(a) A Handful of Nuts

(b) Our Trees Still Grow in Dehra

(c) The Room on the Roof

(d) Vagrants in the Valley

Q.50) In which of the following works of Ruskin Bond Mariam Labadoor is found as a character?

(a) When Darkness Falls

(b) Strangers in the Night

(c) A Flight of Pigeons

(d) Rain in the Mountains

Q.51) “Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night Who wrote these lines?

(a) Blake

(b) Hardy

(c) Shakespeare

(d) None of these

Q.52) Which one out of the following is not a characteristic feature of Ruskin Bond’s short stories?

(a) They are children stories

(b) His heroes have an openness of mind

(c) They spring up from the Himalayan soil

(d) They are totally objective in nature

Q.53) When was Irwin Allan Sealy’s first novel The Trotter Nama published?

(a) 1990

(b) 1986

(c) 1938

(d) 1987

Q.54) Which one out of the following is not found in the fiction of Ruskin Bond?

(a) It appeals to eradicate the roots of evil and violence against man and animal

(b) It wants to keep this earth beautiful and healthy

(c) It interrelates liberty and dreams

(d) It intellectualises nature

Q.55) Who out of the following Indian playwrights has started the theatre group play pen?

(a) Badal Sircar

(b) Mohan Rakesh

(c) Vijay Tendulkar

(d) Mahesh Dattani

Q.56) Which one out of the following is the first novel of V S Naipaul?

(a) A House for Mr Biswas

(b) The Mimic Men

(c) In a Free State

(d) Mystic Masseur

Q.57) Which of the following novels of R K Narayan has Nataraj as narrator?

(a) The Financial Expert

(b) The Bachelor of Arts

(c) The Man-cater or Malgudi

(d) The Guide

Q.58) Which of the following novels of Raja Rao has the description of the freedom struggle 1930’s?

(a) The Cat and Shakespeare

(b) The Serpent and the Rope

(c) Kanthapura

(d) None of the above

Q.59) Which one out of the following is not written by Jim Corbett?

(a) Man-Eaters of Kumaon

(b) The Jungle Book

(c) Jungle Lore

(d) My India

Q.60) Which one out of the following poems is not written by Nissim Ezekiel?

(a) Night of the Scorpion

(b) A Time to Change

(c) The Professor

(d) Ways of Belonging

Q.61) Which of the following is not a language activity?

(a) Listening

(b) Learning

(c) Reading

(d) Writing

Q.62) Who is the father of American lexicography?

(a) Noah Webster

(b) Merriam Webster

(c) Charles Random

(d) Wifred Funk

Q.63) Who is the lord of the flies in Golding’s novel Lord of the Flies?

(a) The Pig

(b) Satan

(c) Beelzebub

(d) Belial

Q.64) Who wrote The Buddha of Suburbia (1990) and Intimacy (1998)?

(a) Caryl Phillips

(b) Buchi Emcheta

(c) A S Byatt

(d) Hanif Kureishi

Q.65) Which poet out of the following wrote the lines:

“Was it a vision, or a waking dream? Feed is that music: do wake or sleep?”

(a) P B Shelley

(b) Robert Browning

(c) William Wordsworth

(d) John Keats

Q.66) The Touchstone method of literary criticism has been propounded by

(a) TS Eliot

(b) Mathew Arnold

(c) A C Bradley

(d) Homi Bhabha

Q.67) In which play of Shakespeare is there a tribute to Marlowe as the ‘dead shepherd”?

(a) Twelfth Night

(b) Measure for Measure

(c) As You Like It

(d) The Tempest

Q.68) Who wrote the novel Waverley?

(a) Maria Edgeworth

(b) Mrs Radcliff

(c) Walter Scott

(d) Lawrence Sterne

Q.69) Which chapter of Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria contains his famous distinction between Fancy and Imagination?

(a) Chapter 1

(b) Chapter 10

(c) Chapter 13

(d) Chapter 15

Q.70) Charles Dickens was the first editor of a newspaper which started in 1846 Which was it?

(a) The Morning Chronicle

(b) Daily News

(c) Morning Post

(d) Daily Chronicle

Q.71) Which American critic applied the term “New Criticism in 1910 to a range of critical methods that were developing in Europe?

(a) Cleanth Brooks

(b) T S Eliot

(c) William Empson

(d) Joel Spingarn

Q.72) Who wrote All About H Hatter (1948)?

(a) M G Vassanji

(b) G V Desani

(c) Shauna Singh Baldwin

(d) Rohinton Mistry

Q.73) “Its characters, instead of being taken from sacred narratives, or legends of the saints, were personified abstractions” Which dramatic form does this statement refer to?

(a) Miracle Play

(b) Morality Play

(c) Interlude

(d) Romantic Comedy

Q.74) Which of the following plays has not been written by Christopher Marlowe

(a) Dr Faustus

(b) The Spanish Tragedy

(c) Edward 11

(d) The Jew of Malta

Q.75) Which of the following novels has not been written by Thomas Hardy?

(a) Desperate Remedies

(b) Under the Greenwood Tree

(c) Vanity Fair

(d) A Pair of Blue Eyes

Q.76) Who made the following comment on the first publication of Leaves of Grass-“The most extraordinary piece of wit and wisdom that America has yet contributed”?

(a) Robert Frost

(b) R W Emerson

(c) H D Thoreau

(d) Ernest Hemingway

Q.77) Which play has been approved by Sir Philip Sidney in his Defence of Poesie?

(a) Gorboduc

(b) The Spanish Tragedy

(c) Hamlet

(d) Tamburlaine

Q.78) “What we call the beginning is often the end, And to make an end is to make a beginning”.Whose lines are these?

(a) W B Yeats

(b) T S Eliot

(c) D H Lawrence

(d) William Empson

Q.79) “For art’s sake alone would not face the toil of writing a single sentence”

Who made the above statement?

(a) John Gabworthy

(b) G B Shaw

(c) Stephen Phillips

(d) Oscar Wilde

Q.80) Which of the following is the first novel by Tobias Smollett?

(a) Roderick Random

(b) Peregrine Pickle

(c) Ferdinand Count Fathom

(d) Humphry Clinker

Q.81) Who out of the following does not belong to “Scottish Chaucerians”

(a) Gavin Douglas

(b) Cynewulf

(c) William Dunbar

(d) Robert Henry son

Q.82) Meaning of Meanings is a book by L A Richards and

(a) C K Ogden

(b) J C Ransom

(c) William Empson

(d) F R Leavis

Q.83) Who launched the “Criterion” in 1922

(a) TS Eliot

(b) F R Leavis

(c) Northrope Frye

(d) J C Ransom

Q.84) Which of the following is the first book printed in English by Caxton?

(a) Beowulf

(b) Monte D Arthur

(c) The Canterbury Tales

(d) The Recuyell of the Historyes of Troye

Q.85) Which of the following theories establishes the critic not as a mere interpreter of the text but as a co-creator of the text?

(a) Marxist Criticism

(b) Structuralism

(c) Deconstruction

(d) Post-colonial Criticism

Q.86) Match the following writers with their works:

(A) Nayantara Saligal

(B) Anita Desai

(C) Upamanyu Chatterjee

(D) Kamala Markandaya

(1) In Custody

(2) Mistaken Identity

(3) Pleasure City

(4) The Last Burden


A. (a)-1, (b)-2, (c)-4, (d)-3

B. (a)-2, (b)-3, (c)-1, (d)-4

C. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-1

D. (a)-1, (b)-2, (c)-3, (d)-4

Q.87) Match the Playwrights with their Plays:


(A) Pratap Sharma

(B) Asif Currimbhoy

(C) Mahasweta Devi

(D) Girish Karnad


(1) The Miracle Seed

(2) A Touch of Brightness

(3) The fire and the rain

(4) Mother of 1084


A. (a)-1, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-4

B. (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)-4, (d)-3

C. (a)-3, (b)-4, (c)-2, (d)-1

D. (a)-2, (b)-3, (c)-4, (d)-1

Q.88) Match the following novels of EM Forster with their year of publication

List I

(A) A Passage to India

(B) The Longest Journey

(C) Howard’s End

(D) Where Angels Fear to Tread

List II

(1) 1907

(2) 1910

(3) 1905

(4) 1924


A. (a)-4, (b)-1, (c)-2, (d)-3

B. (a)-1, (b)-2, (c)-4, (d)-3

C. (a)-2, (b)-3, (c)-4, (d)-1

D. None of the above

Q.89) Match the following critics with their works:

List I

(A) Derrida

(B) Homi Bhabha

(C) Frantz Fanon

(D) Gayatri Spivak

List II

(1) Of Grammatology

(2) The Wretched of the Earth

(3) Outside in the Teaching Machine

(4) Nation and Narration


A. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-1

B. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-1, (d)-2

C. (a)-3, (b)-4, (c)-2, (d)-1

D. (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)-3, (d)-4

Q.90) Match the following novels with the characters found in them:

List I

(A) Nina Sibal’s Yatra

(B) Deshpande’s Small Remedies

(C) Suma Josson’s Circumferences

(D) Sunny Singh’s Nani’s Book of Suicide

List II

(1) Sarala

(2) Mini

(3) Madhu

(4) Krishna


A. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-1

B. (a)-4, (b)-3, (c)-1, (d)-2

C. (a)-3, (b)-4, (c)-2, (d)-1

D. (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)-3, (d)-4

Q.91) It has been said that for the success or failure of a teaching programme, three factors are mainly responsible. Which one out of the following is not included in them

(a) Classroom

(b) Men

(c) Material

(d) Methods

Q.92) Who wrote The Chess Master and hi Maxta (1988)

(a) Salman Rushdie

(b) Anita Desai

(c) Rohinton Mistry

(d) Raja Rao;


Question Nos 93 to 95 have sentences which are divided and marked (a) to (d) The part containing the error has to be marked as your answer

Q.93) if I would have/(a), been there/(b), I certainly would have/(c), taken care of the problem/(d)

Q.94) The principal of the/A, college, together with some/B, other teachers are/C planning to organize an on-the-spot painting competition / D

Q.95) As there are only one taxi available/a, I have no other alternative/b, but to pay the/c, demanded by the driver/d

Q.96) “What but design of darkness of appal? If design govem in a thing so small” In which poem do these lines occur?

(a) “Design”

(b) “Mending Walr”

(c) “Time to Change”

(d) None of the above

Q.97) “Creeds and schools in abeyance

Retiring back a while sufficed at what They are, but never forgotten”

In which poem do these lines occur?

(a) “Dover Beach”

(b) The Waste Land

(c) Song of Myself

(d) None of these

Q.98) “Ar the start of the winter came

the permanent rain and with the

rain cause the cholera But it was

checked and in the end only seven

thousand died of it in the army”

In which novel do these lines occur?

(a) A Farewell to Arms

(b) Torrents of Spring

(c) For Whom the Bell Tolls

(d) None of these

Q.99) Which of the following is not written by Tennessee Williams?

(a) Fugitive Kind

(b) A Streetcar Named Desire

(c) The Refugee

(d) The Rose Tattoo

Q.100) Dickinson’s poetry is not characterised by

(a) Extensive use of dashes

(b), Idiosyncratic vocabulary

(c) Unconventional capitalisation

(d) Robust nationalism