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Kerala Set 1 (2021)

Kerala Set 1 (2021)

Q.1) Like a huge Python winding round and round the rugged trunk These are the opening lines of

(A) The Darkling Thrush

(B) Still Falls the Rain

(C) Out Casuarinas Tree

(D) Skunk Hour

Q.2) Ancient Indian wisdom is 100% correct

I should say even 200% correct…… writes in…………

(A) Nissim Ezekiel, ‘The Patriot’

(B) Gieve Patel, ‘Old Man’s Death’

(C) Dom Moreas, ‘Absences*

(D) Arun Kolatkar *An Old Woman”

Q.3) The conversation between the writer and the eponymous protagonist Indrajit occurs in the play by:

(A) Girish Karnad

(B) Badal Sircar

(C) Asif Currimbhoy

(D) Mahesh Dattani

Q.4) Foucault’s monograph on the modern prison system is titled The Birth of the Prison;

(A) Discipline and Punish

(B) Dread and Power

(C) Distrust and Punish

(D) Dungeon and Dudgeon

Q.5) It Changed My Life: Writings on the Women’s Movement is a work published in 1976 by;

(A) Naomi Klein

(B) Betty Friedan

(C) Gloria Steinem

(D) Simone de Beauvoir

Q.6) The short title of a founding text of Queer theory:

(A) Gender Bender

(B) Gender Games

(C) Gender Trouble

(D) Gender Mender

Q.7) Name of the man in the poem who refuses to acknowledge Beowulf’s courage?

(A) Unferth

(B) Clovis

(C) Heathobard

(D) Sicgmund

Q.8) ………… the last Anglo-Saxon King of England, was killed at the Bate of Hastings

(A) Ethelred

(B) Egbert

(C) Haroid

(D) Walter

Q.9) whose critical observation is “Shakespeare has no heroes, his scenes are occupied only by Men”

(A) Coleridge

(B) Dr Jobnson

(C) Ben Johnson

(D) John Dryden

Q.10) Which character in Shakespeare is not of woman born?

(A) Macbeth

(B) Miranda

(C) MacDuff

(D) Malcolm

Q.11) Which among the following novels is not written by Margaret Atwood?

(A) Surfacing

(B) The Blind Assassin

(C) The Handmaid’s Talc

(D) The Stone Angel

Q.12) With whom does Viota in Twelfth Night falls in love?

(A) Duke Orsino

(B) Feste

(C) Malvplio

(D) Antony

Q.13) Who bragged about the power of his satire in these two lines: “Yes I am proud: I must be proud to see / Men not afraid of God afraid of me”

(A) John Dryden

(B) Jonathan Swift

(C) Alexander Pope

(D) Samuel Johnson

Q.14) Whose contribution is the first serious attempt at a comprehensive English Dictionary?

(A) Edmund Burke

(B) Jonathan Swift

(C) Dr Samuel Johnson

(D) John Dryden

Q.15) Which poet calls the imagination “the real man” and claims it “is not a state, it is human existence itself”

(A) Wordsworth

(B) Blake

(C) Coleridge

(D) Thomas de Quincey

Q.16) Whose insightful Quote on ‘vision’ is: “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”?

(A) Samuel Pepys

(B) Joseph Addison

(C) Alexander Pope

(D) Jonathan Swift

Q.17) Who is credited as the founding father of ‘Dalit Literature”?

(A) Arun Kamble

(B) Daya Pawar

(C) Annabhau Sathe

(D) Laxman Manc

Q.18) “Joothan’ which encapsulates the pain humiliation and poverty of a community is the autobiography of

(A) Omprakash Valmiki

(B) Narendra Jadhav

(C) Parth Polke

(D) Sarankumar Limbale

Q.19) In drama, an `aside’ Is addressed:

(A) To an audience by an actor, the words supposedly are not meant to be heard by other actors on stage

(B) To other actors on state: the words supposedly not meant to be heard by the audience

(C) By the playwright to the audience

(D) By the protagonist to the antagonist

Q.20) Which of the following is in correct sequence?

(A) Keats Byron Shelley

(B) Bryon, Shelley, Keats

(C) Keats, Shelley, Byron

(D) Shelley, Byron, Keats

Q.21) Which is the story poem written by Keats, of a young Shepherd beloved by a Moon Goddess?

(A) Isabella

(B) The Eve of St Agnes

(C) Endymion

(D) La Bella Dans Sans Merci

Q.22) Which of the following statements about ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ is true?

(A) It was composed in 1800

(B) The speaker begins with a declaration of his headache

(C) The speaker realises that the nightingale is mortal

(D) In the poem, the song of the nightingale is symbol of art that outlasts moral life

Q.23) What is Frankenstein a metaphor for?

(A) Prometheus

(B) Humanity

(C) Nature

(D) Society

Q.24) Whom did Keats’s regard as the best example of negative capability?

(A) William Wordsworth

(B) John Milton

(C) Christopher Marlowe

(D) William Shakespeare

Q.25) Walter Scott is known as the father of the

(A) Biographical Novel

(B) Gothic Novel

(C) Realistic Novel

(D) Historical Novel

Q.26) Who wrote the biography of Charles Lamb?

(A) Edward V Lucas

(B) Joan Maugham

(C) Leigh Hunt

(D) Thomas Dequincy

Q.27) Who coined the term Victorian Compromise?

(A) David Cecil

(B) Tennyson

(C) William Morris

(D) Lawrence Friedman

Q.28) Who is the father of dramatic monologue?

(A) Cardinal Newman

(B) Robert Browning

(C) Mathew Arnold

(D) John Ruskin

Q.29) Which great essayist opposed Bentham’s laissez-faire economic doctrines as morally debilitating?

(A) Oscar Wilde

(B) Walter Pater

(C) John Ruskin

(D) Thomas Carlyle

Q.30) Virginia Woolf’s inspiration for Mr Ramsay in her novel To the Lighthouse comes from her father,

(A) Lytton Strachey

(B) Leslie Stephen

(C) Henry Taylor

(D) James Sowell

Q.31) In which work of Hardy does he challenge societal moves with its sympathetic portrayals of the hardships of working-class people?

(A) The Return of the Native

(B) The Dynastis

(C) Tess of the d’Urbervilles

(D) David Copperfield

Q.32) R L Stevenson wrote the novel _ as he was driven by the need to explore the different polarities that existed within human beings

(A) Kidnapped

(B) Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

(C) Weir of Hermiston

(D) The Wrong Box

Q.33) Who wrote two popular shipwreck poems replete with spiritual instruction for those in Doubt and danger?

(A) Matthew Arnold

(B) G M Hopkins

(C) Cardinal Newman

(D) John Ruskin

Q.34) Which of the following is chronologically correct?

(A) Samuel Beckett, John Osborne, Harold Pinter, Graham Greene

(B) Graham Greene, Samuel Beckett, John Osborne, Harold Pinter

(C) John Osborne, Harold Pinter, Graham Greene, Samuel Beckett

(D) Harold Pinter, John Osborne, Graham Greene, Samuel Beckett

Q.35) Only in sparation- marriage and birth and death and thoughts of these for whom was built, this special shell? In the above lines of -Church Going “by Philip Larkin, what does “shell mean?

(A) Inner Coffin

(B) Mind’s eye

(C) Church

(D) Mysticism

Q.36) Assertion (A): Dylan Thomas was a difficult poet He is the poet of the learned like T S Eliot
Reason (R): His poetry is full of metaphors symbolic imagery, Biblical, Freudian or folk image

(A) (A) is true, but (R) is false

(B) (A) is false, but (R) is true

(C) Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)

(D) Both (A) and (R) are true, and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)

Q.37) Identify the correctly matched group:

List I

(a) Where Angels Fear to Tread

(b) A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man

(c) The Plumed Serpent

(d) An Outcast of the Islands

List II

(1) Malay

(2) Italy

(3) Mexico

(4) Dublin

A. (a)-2, (b)-4, (c)-3, (d)-1

B. (a)-3, (b)-4, (c)-1, (d)-2

C. (a)-4, (b)-2, (c)-1, (d)-3

D. (a)-4, (b)-2, (c)-3, (d)-1

Q.38) The formalist critic mocked the character-based criticism of…… by posing a famous Question, “How many children had Lady Macbeth?

(A) F R Leavis, E K Chambers

(B) Cleanth Brooks, F L Lucas

(C) Monroe Beardsley, Kennth Burke

(D) L C Knights, A C Bradley

Q.39) Which of the following statements are true?

(1) Jean Baudrillard tells us that post modem societies are marked by Simulacra

(2) By Simulacra he means non-representations of realty

(3) Simulacra artificially produce a mediated world masquerading as authenticity

(4) It was not Jean Baudrillard but his interpreters who coined the term “Simulacra”

(A) 1,3 and 4 only

(B) I and 3 only

(C) 3 and 4 only

(D) 2 and 3 only

Q.40) “Yet it is the masculine values that prevail” observed a famous writer “Speaking cruelly” she continued “football and sport are ‘important’ the worship of fashion, the buying of clothes *trivial’

(A) Mary Wollstonecraft, “A Vindication of the Rights of women”

(B) Audre Lorde “Age, Race, Class “

(C) Virginia Woolf, “A Room of One’s Own”

(D) Jean Rhys, “After Leaving Mr Mackenzie”

Q.41) Ferdinand de Saussure argued that meaning is generated through

(A) A system of structured differences in language

(B) A system of random differences in language

(C) A system of structured references in language

(D) A system of random references in language

Q.42) Direct Method of Language Teaching involves:

(1) The use of Target Language

(2) Repetition of exercises

(3) Linguistic correctness

(4) Problem of solving exercises

(A) 3 and 4 only

(B) 1, 2 and 4 only

(C) 1 2 and 3 only

(D) 1,2 3 and 4

Q.43) Assertion (A): The world does not become reckless or will not become unracialized by assertion The act of enforcing racelessness in literary discourse is itself a racial act
Reason(R): Pouring rhetorical acid on the fingers of a black hand may indeed destroy the prints, but not the hand Besides, what happens, in that violent, self-serving act of erasure, to the hands, the fingers, the finger prints of the one who does the pouring? Do they remain acid-free? The literature itself suggests otherwise

(A) (A) makes complete sense in the light of (R)

(B) (A) makes complete sense regardless of (R)

(C) Neither (A) nor (R) makes complete sense

(D) (R) Challenges the view advanced in (A)

Q.44) What was the name of the experimental theatre group founded in 1915 Susan Glaspell, Eugene O’ Neill and other dramatists in order to challenge Broadway’s control over American drama?

(A) The Wall Street Theatre

(B) The Washington Square Players

(C) The Actor’s studio

(D) The Provincetown Players

Q.45) Match the following;

List I

(a) Bharata

(b) Kuntaka

(c) Bhamaha

(d) Anandavardhana

List 2

(1) Vakrokti

(2) Riti

(3) Dhvani

(4) Rasa

A. (a)-1, (b)-4, (c)-2, (d)-3

B. (a)-2, (b)-3, (c)-1, (d)-4

C. (a)-4, (b)-1, (c)-2, (d)-3

D. (a)-2, (b)-3, (c)-4, (d)-1

Q.46) Match List 1 with List 2:

List 1

(a) Ulysses

(b) A Passage of India

(c) To the Lighthouse

(d) Women in Love

List 2

(1) Mrs Moore

(2) Molly Bloom

(3) Gerald Crich

(4) Lily Briscoe

A. (a)-3, (b)-1, (c)-2, (d)-4

B. (a)-2, (b)-1, (c)-4, (d)-3

C. (a)-4, (b)-2, (c)-1, (d)-3

D. (a)-1, (b)-3, (c)-2, (d)-4

Q.47) Blended learning is a mode of instruction/learning in which:

(A) The learner’s mother tongue and the target language are blended

(B) Leaning is accessed through the mother tongue

(C) A variety of instructional modes are integrated

(D) Learning of a language is mediated by humanistic approaches

Q.48) A Teaching method advocated by Dr Georgia Lozanav which is based on the principle of joy and easiness is called

(A) Suggestopedia

(B) Total Physical Response

(C) The Indirect Method

(D) The Audio-lingual Method

Q.49) Who among the following proposes that the unconscious comes into being only in language?

(A) Sigmund Freud

(B) Jacques Lacan

(C) Streat Hall

(D) Paulde Man

Q.50) Arrange the sections of The Waste Land in the order in which they appear in the poem:

(1) The Fire Sermon

(2) Death by Water

(3) A Game of Chess

(4) What the Thunder Said

(5) The Burial of the Dead

(A) 3,2,1 5 4

(B) 5,1,2 3 4

(C) 5,2,3,1,4

(D) 5,3,1,2,4

Q.51) In which of the following novels Harikatha is strategically used as a medium of ‘consciousness raising”?

(A) Waiting for the Mahatma

(B) The Serpent and the Rope

(C) A Bend in the Ganges

(D) Kanthapura

Q.52) In the word rapidly ly’ is an adverbial suffix indicating manner while rapid is a ……… ly is a………

(A) Word Worling

(B) Morpheme Morpheme bit

(C) Free morpheme bound-morpheme

(D) Full morpheme, half-morpheme

Q.53) Modernism has been described as being concerned with “disenchantment of our culture with culture itself” Who is the critic?

(A) Stephen Spender

(B) Malcolm Bradbury

(C) Lionel trilling

(D) Joseph frank

Q.54) According to Bakhtin the idea of the Carnivalesque represents the following Characteristics except;

(A) A liberation from the prevailing truth and established order

(B) A harking back to the past

(C) Emphasis on play, parody, pleasure and the body

(D) The suspension of all hierarchical rank principles, norms and prohibitions

Q.55) “Every demon carries within him unknown to himself a tiny seed of self-destruction and goes up in thin air at the most unexpected moment” To which of R K Narayan’s characters the above statement applies?

(A) Raju – The Guide

(B) Jagan – The Sweet Vendor

(C) Vasu – Man Eater of Malgudi

(D) Margayya-The Financial Expert

Q.56) Who coined the term “ecological imperialism”?

(A) Vandana Shiva

(B) Paulo Fieire

(C) Laurence Buell

(D) Alfred Crosby

Q.57) In Monica Ali’s Brick Lane which among the following characters has “a face like a frog”?

(A) Nazeen

(B) Chanu

(C) Hasina

(D) Karim

Q.58) “There is nothing outside the text”, is a statement by:

(A) Victor Shklovsky

(B) Jacques Derrida

(C) Roland Barthes

(D) Harold Bloom

Q.59) According to the Italian Marxist theorist Antonio Gramsci:

(A) Hegemony is synonymous with domination

(B) Hegemony involves a degree of consent on the part of subject people

(C) Hegemony involves a degree of coercion on the part of a dominant political entity

(D) Hegemony is synonymous with subjugation

Q.60) Which of the following is not a Partition novel?

(A) A Train to Pakistan?

(B) Sunlight on a broken column

(C) The Shadow Lines

(D) In Custody

Q.61) A poem translated from the French by Chaucer:

(A) Mignonns Allons Voir Si la Rose

(B) Roman de la Rose

(C)- La Chanson de Roland

(D)- Demain des L’Aube

Q.62) The “vulgar man’ in Chaucer who could outwit a crowd of learned men’:

(A) The Merchant

(B) The Miller

(C) The Manciple

(D) The Franklin

Q.63) The rhyme scheme of the English sonnet:

(A) abab bcbc cdcd ee

(B) abba abba cde cde

(C) abba abba cde dce

(D) abab cdcd efef gg

Q.64) The term “problem plays was first used in connection with Shakespeare by:

(A) Henrik Ibsen

(B) Auguste Strindberg

(C) F S Boas

(D) Edmond Malone

Q.65) The author of `The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland”:

(A) Edward Hall

(B) Raphael Holinshed

(C) Sir Thomas North

(D) John Hall

Q.66) The English general who was named Lord Protector’ of the commonwealth after the overthrow of the Stuart monarchy:

(A) Oliver Cromwell

(B) Thomas Cromwell

(C) Robert Devereaux

(D) Sir Thomas Fairfax

Q.67) Whose address to parliament, calling for the ‘liberty of unlicenc’d printing’ is now part of the literature of human rights?

(A) Edmund Burke

(B) John Milton

(C) Winston Churchill

(D) Percy Bysshe Shelley

Q.68) The Old Bachelor’ and The Double-Dealer ‘ are plays by:

(A) William Congreve

(B) Oliver Goldsmith

(C) John Dryden

(D) John Dennis

Q.69) The ‘Voyage to Laputa’ is made by:

(A) Robinson Crusoe

(B) Lemuel Gulliver

(C) Alexander Selkirk

(D) Isaac Bickerstaff

Q.70) In form, ‘The Expedition of Humphrey Clinker’ is

(A) Epistolary

(B) Picaresque

(C) Satirical

(D) Heroic

Q.71) Wordsworth believed that human passions are `incorporated with the beautiful and Permanent forms of nature’ in:

(A) Early childhood

(B) Rustic life

(C) Poetic imagination

(D) Tranquil recollection

Q.72) A poem narrated to a reluctant but enthralled wedding guest:

(A) She walks in Beauty

(B) Variation on the Word Sleep’

(C) `The Privileged Lovers’

(D) *The Ancient Mariner

Q.73) Jane Austen’s unfinished satire on invalidism and health resorts:

(A) Edwin Drood

(B) Sandition

(C) Sense and Sensibility

(D) Northanger Abbey

Q.74) His school described by Charles Lamb in his essays:

(A) East India House

(B) Christ’s Hospital

(C) Millwoods Home

(D) The Edmonton Workhouse

Q.75) The work that earned for its author the title of gloomy egoist’:

(A) The Raven

(B) Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

(C) Bartleby the Scrivener

(D) The Waste Land

Q.76) Who claimed that ‘the fascinating powers of opium are admitted even by medical writers who are its greatest enemies’?

(A) Keats

(B) Coleridge

(C) De Quincey

(D) Lamb

Q.77) The work published in 1792, which denounced the educational system of the times for Setting out to train women to be “frivolous and incapable”;

(A) The Declaration of the Rights of Woman

(B) The Female Citizen

(C) A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

(D) On the Equality of the Sexes

Q.78) The poet who declared that criticism is a disinterested endeavour to learn and propagate the best and to establish a current of fresh and true ideas’:

(A) Dryden

(B) Coleridge

(C) Arnold

(D) Auden

Q.79) The eminent critic who edited the first 26 volumes of the Dictionary of National Biography and was knighted to honour this service:

(A) James Fitzjames

(B) Leslie Stephen

(C) Edmund Gosse

(D) Herbert Spencer

Q.80) The term ‘lingua franca’ derives from;

(A) Italian

(B) French

(C) German

(D) English

Q.81) The official languages of the United Nations:

(A) English French Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic

(B) English, French, German Russian Chinese, Arabic

(C) English, French, German Russian Chinese Hindi

(D) English French, German Spanish Chinese Russian

Q.82) A human source of data for linguistic analysis (usually a native‚ speaker) is called a an:

(A) Factor

(B) Informer 1

(C) Informant

(D) Agent

Q.83) Plosives are also known as:

(A) Laterals

(B) Literals

(C) Gutturals

(D) Stops

Q.84) Falling intonation is used in ending:

(A) Polite requests

(B) Questions that require the answers Yes/no*

(C) Direct commands

(D) Open-ended statements implying some doubt

Q.85) Technical English, Scientific English and Business English fall under:





Q.86) Tok Pisin , which emerged in the context of extensive multilingualism and developed into an urban vernacular, is best termed a/an;

(A) Pidgin

(B) Creole

(C) Expanded Pidgin

(D) Lingua Franca

Q.87) Assignments and projects are considered part of

(A) Summative, formal, evaluation

(B) Formative, informal, evaluation

(C) Summative informal evaluation

(D) Formative Formal, evaluation

Q.88) The Sign-Gestalt-Expectations set was posited by the behaviourist:

(A) Edward C Tolman

(B) John B Watson

(C) B F Skinner

(D) J A McGeoch

Q.89) LSRW in the context of language refers to:

(A) Language Sign Referent: Word

(B) Leaning Speaking, Reading and Writing

(C) Learning to Speak, the Right Way

(D) Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing

Q.90) The term ‘minimal free form’ to indicate the smallest linguistic form that can stand on its own in an utterance was introduced by;

(A) Bolinger

(B) Bloomfield

(C) Lyons

(D) Clark

Q.91) ” The author/s of The Meaning of Meaning

(A) Christopher Caudwell

(B) I A Richards

(C) I A Richards and C K Ogden

(D) Christopher Caudwell and Helena Sheehan

Q.92) “Eros and Civilization’ is a philosophical inquiry into

(A) Marx

(B) Darwin

(C) Freud

(D) Capital

Q.93) Examples of regional accents and dialects from across the UK are provided by the British Library on its website

(A) Sounds Familiar?

(B) Sounds Unfamiliar?

(C) Sounds Funny?

(D) Unfunny Sounds

Q.94) Karl Verner, the linguist who proposed ‘Verner’s Law’ was

(A) British

(B) German

(C) Swiss

(D) Danish

Q.95) The only one of the ‘Pink Poets’ to be named Poet Laureate;

(A) Stephan Spender

(B) Cecil Day-Lewis

(C) Andrew Motion

(D) John Masefield

Q.96) The current’ Poet Laureate’ of the United Kingdom:

(A) Sir John Betjeman

(B) Benjamin Zephaniah

(C) Simon Armitage

(D) Carol Ann Duffy

Q.97) Barthes considered novels such as those by George Eliot and Arnold Bennett and those by Joyce of Faulkner to be

(A) Lisible Scriptable

(B) Risible, Scriptible

(C) Reasonable Surreal

(D) Respectable, Soporific

Q.98) An erstwhile cadre of the Hitler Youth, this thinker foretold the possibility of a “left fascism’

(A) Wittgenstein

(B) Lukacs

(C) Habermas

(D) Husserl

Q.99) *Prison Notebooks` and “Letters From Prison’ are works by:

(A) Thoreau

(B) Mandela

(C) Gramsci

(D) Genet

Q.100) Sarvepalli Gopal has called the English-educated minority that existed at the time of Independence a new linguistic:

(A) Caste

(B) State

(C) Community

(D) Conspiracy

Q.101) The statement that England and America are two countries separated by a common Language is credibly attributed to:

(A) Oscar Wilde

(B) Winston Churchill

(C) George B Shaw

(D) George C Scott

Q.102) The shift in meaning of the word ‘nice ‘since its first appearance in Middle English is an instance of;

(A) Amelioration

(B) Deterioration

(C) Pejoration

(D) Denotation

Q.103) Hybridity ambivalence, mimicry are terms explored by:

(A) William Empson

(B) Homi K Bhabha

(C) Terry Eagleton

(D) V S Naipaul

Q.104) The first Imagist manifesto was drawn up by;

(A) Stephan Mallarme

(B) Stephen Dedalus

(C) T E Hulme

(D) Ezra Pound

Q.105) The character that could with greatest justice be called Ibsen’s personal spokesman Appears in:

(A) Ghosts

(B) A Doll’s House

(C) The Master Builder

(D) An Enemy of the People

Q.106) Hester Prynne’s husband:

(A) Roger Chillingworth

(B) Michael Henchard

(C) Arthur Dimmesdale

(D) Roderick Usher

Q.107) Azaro’s Quest for identity is the concern of

(A) The Freedom Artist

(B) The Famished Road

(C) The Age of Magic

(D) A Way of being Free

Q.108) Mariners, Renegades and Castaways is an analysis of

(A) Moby Dick

(B) Treasure Island

(C) The Pathfinder

(D) Nostromo

Q.109) The poet who argued in `Esthetique du Mal” that beauty is entwined with evil:

(A) Charlcs Baudelaire

(B) William Golding

(C) Wallace Stevens

(D) Edgar Allan Poe

Q.110) The poet who was also librarian at the university of Nigeria:

(A) Philip Larkin

(B) Christopher Okigbo

(C) Okelo Okuli

(D) Niyi Osundare

Q.111) The Noble Prize winning author of ‘Cup of Gold’ who also worked for a while as manual labourer and marine biologist:

(A) Irving Babbitt

(B) Stephen Crane

(C) John Steinbeck

(D) Ernest Hemingway

Q.112) The Sense of Movement is a work by;

(A) Philip Larkin

(B) Ted Hughes

(C) D J Enright

(D) Thom Gunn

Q.113) The Redress of Poetry’ is a collection of Oxford lectures by:

(A) Seamus Heaney

(B) Christopher Ricks

(C) W H Auden

(D) Paul Muldoon

Q.114) The love of Miriam for Paul in Sons and Lovers parallels the love of…… for Lawrence

(A) Jessie Chambers

(B) Louie Burrows

(C) Frieda Weekley

(D) Lydia Beardsall

Q.115) The British writer who served on the Indian Imperial Police force

(A) Rudyard Kipling

(B) George Orwell

(C) John Masters

(D) Paul Scott

Q.116) The middle play in Wesker’ s Trilogy is

(A) Roots

(B) The Kitchen

(C) Chicken Soup with Barley

(D) I’m Talking about Jerusalem

Q.117) A novel in the stream of consciousness style which details a day in the life of a fictional female character

(A) Finncgan’s Wake

(B) Ulysses

(C) Mrs Dalloway

(D) To The Lighthouse

Q.118) The French version of “Waiting for Godot” is titled

(A) En attente de Godot

(B) En attende Godot

(C) En antendant Godot

(D) En attende M Godot

Q.119) Klara in Ishiguro’s 2021 novel is an AF, or

(A) Artificial Friend

(B) Alternate Future

(C) Android Function

(D) Aigebraic Formula

Q.120) “The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County and Other Sketches was the first published book of:

(A) Washington Irving

(B) Joseph Heller

(C) Mark Twain

(D) F Scott Fitzgerald