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Solved Paper 2- August 2016

Solved Paper 2- August 2016

1. What is the fate of ignorance in Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress?

(1) He drowns in the River of Death

(2) He enters the Celestial City

(3) He finds the Truth

(4) He discovers the way to Hell

Answer: 4

2. God is referred to as “The President of Immortals” in

(1) Paradise Lost

(2) Waiting for Godot

(3) Tess of the D’urbervilles

(4) The White Devil

Answer: 3

3. Match the character with the author :

List – I

I. Madeline

II. Prometheus

III. Urizen

IV. Childe Harold

List – II

A. Blake

B. Byron

C. Shelley

D. Keats


(1) B C A D

(2) C D A B

(3) D C A B

(4) C D B A

Answer: 3

4. The phrase “loud colour” is an example of

(1) Synecdoche

(2) Synaesthesia

(3) Redundancy

(4) Paraleipsis

Answer: 2

5. In one of Marlowe’s plays the hero is warned not “to practise more than heavenly power permits.” Identify the play.

(1) The Jew of Malta

(2) Edward the Second

(3) Doctor Faustus

(4) Tamburlaine the Great

Answer: 3

6. Match the Graham Greene novel with its setting :

List – I

I. The Ministry of Fear

II. The Third Man

III. The Power and the Glory

IV. The Quiet American

List – II

A. Vienna

B. Mexico

C. Vietnam

D. London


(1) D A B C

(2) B A C D

(3) D B A C

(4) C D B A

Answer: 1

7. What was the title of the collection of short stories published by James Joyce in 1914?

(1) Dubliners

(2) Londoners

(3) New Yorkers

(4) Berliners

Answer: 1

8. Patrick White’s classic work Voss is based on the story of a …………… explorer.

(1) Flemish

(2) Australian

(3) German

(4) Spanish

Answer: 3

9. In “Tradition and Individual Talent” Eliot describes the workings of the poet’s mind in terms of which of the following?

(1) Natural selection

(2) A chemical reaction

(3) A flowing river

(4) A cornucopia

Answer: 2

10. Who among the following wrote an immensely powerful play about the remapping of Irish places with new British names?

(1) J.M. Synge

(2) Seamus Heaney

(3) Brian Friel

(4) G.B. Shaw

Answer: 3

11. Identify the term among the following which does not relate to a movement in art or literature.

(1) Cubism

(2) Empiricism

(3) Expressionism

(4) Surrealism

Answer: 2

12. “Kubla Khan” is thought to have been written in 1797, but it was not published until 1816. Who persuaded Coleridge to publish it?

(1) Wordsworth

(2) Byron

(3) Keats

(4) Wordsworth’s sister

Answer: 2

13. In Restoration comedy, character names often reveal character traits. What trait does the name Sir Wilfull Witwoud reveal?

(1) Woodenness

(2) Miserliness

(3) A desire to be thought of as witty

(4) Petulance

Answer: 3

14. From the following list identify the two novels published by John Henry Newman

I. The Grammar of Assent

II. Apologia pro vita sua

III. Loss and Gain

IV. Callista

The right combination according to the code is :

(1) I and II

(2) II and III

(3) III and IV

(4) I and IV

Answer: 3

15. Consider the following lines form Beowulf :

What literary device does the poet use in these lines?
A few miles from here
a frost-stiffened wood waits and keeps watch
above a mere.

(1) Personification

(2) Pathetic fallacy

(3) Metaphor

(4) Litotes

Answer: 1

16. Which of the following plays of Bernard Shaw attacks Darwinism?

(1) You Never Can Tell

(2) Man and Superman

(3) St. Joan

(4) Back to Methuselah

Answer: 4

17. In King Lear to which woman has Edmund sworn his love?

(1) Cordelia

(2) Goneril

(3) Regan

(4) both Goneril and Regan

Answer: 4

18. The poetic line, “Break, break, break” is an example of

(1) spondee

(2) trochee

(3) iambus

(4) pyrrhics

Answer: 1

19. Ben Jonson’s Pleasure Reconciled to Virtue is a

(1) domestic tragedy

(2) masque

(3) villanelle

(4) closet drama

Answer: 2

20. What is the rhyme scheme of the Shakespearean sonnet?

(1) abcbcbcabc bc dd

(2) abba abbc decd ee

(3) ababcdcdef ef gg

(4) aa bb cc dd aa bb dd

Answer: 3

21. In More’s Utopia what religion is practised by the Utopians?

(1) Belief in a single, infinite power and sun, moon and planetary worship

(2) Islam

(3) Judaism

(4) Buddhism

Answer: 1

22. In Book 5 of prelude, Wordsworth dreams of an Arab in the desert after reading which great work?

(1) Cervantes’s Don Quixote

(2) Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

(3) Euclid’s Elements

(4) Shakespeare’s The Tempest

Answer: 1

23. Lady Dedlock is a character in Dickens’s

(1) Bleak House

(2) Great Expectations

(3) David Copperfield

(4) Hard Times

Answer: 1

24. Which Keat’s poem was originally intended to be part of a collection of verse-tales based on stories by Boccaccio?

(1) The Eve of St. Agnes

(2) Lamia

(3) Isabella

(4) Hyperion

Answer: 3

25. Where does Conrad’s Heart of Darkness begin?

(1) The Congo

(2) The Thames

(3) Belgium

(4) The Atlantic

Answer: 2

26. In Gullivers Travels which of the following ideas is not a product of the Academy of Lagado?

(1) A random sentence-generating machine.

(2) A proposal to end speech altogether, by carrying around sacks of the things that words signify.

(3) A project for truncating words and shortening sentences by leaving out verbs.

(4) A digestible dictionary, written on a wafer.

Answer: 4

27. Which of the following stories is NOT written by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

(1) “The Minister’s Black Veil”

(2) “Young Goodman Brown”

(3) “The Purloined Letter”

(4) “My Kinsman, Major Molineux”

Answer: 3

28. What attributes of Shakespeare’s characterization does Johnson admire in his preface to Shakespeare?

(1) The way his characters represent particular times and places.

(2) The way his characters exhibit quirks representative of their humours or professions.

(3) The way his characters portray the general passions and principles of human nature.

(4) The way his characters portray real individuals.

Answer: 3

29. According to Foucault sexuality points to discourses about all the following EXCEPT

(1) Medicine

(2) Anthropology

(3) Psychology

(4) Criminology

Answer: 2

30. “All Arabia breathes from yonder box.” This line from The Rape of the Lock is an example of

(1) periphrasis

(2) innuendo

(3) metonymy

(4) chiasmus

Answer: 3

31. Who among the following addresses the reader in a substantial Preface to Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy?

(1) Zelotopia

(2) Democritus Junior

(3) Democritus

(4) Solitudo

Answer: 2

32. Which of these is the best paraphrase of the line, “the paths of glory lead but to the grave”?

(1) Those who seek glory often die in its pursuit.

(2) Everyone dies, even the famous and glorious.

(3) The pursuit of glory is futile.

(4) The pursuit of glory is dangerous.

Answer: 2

33. Which novel did James Joyce call “the English Ulysses”?

(1) Robinson Crusoe

(2) Clarissa

(3) Vanity Fair

(4) Great Expectations

Answer: 1

34. What narrative perspective does Chaucer employ in the opening of “The General Prologue”?

(1) A first-person “I”

(2) Omniscience

(3) Third person

(4) Free indirect discourse

Answer: 1

35. A fragmentary unfinished novel entitled Emma was published in Cornhill Magazine. Identify the author.

(1) Elizabeth Gaskell

(2) Charlotte Bronte

(3) Emily Bronte

(4) George Eliot

Answer: 2

36. The pre-eminent evaluative criterion of F.R. Leavis’s Great Tradition is

(1) moral purpose

(2) sublime subject matter

(3) reader-response

(4) truth to life

Answer: 1

37. In Wide Sargasso Sea what is the name of Rochester’s Creole wife-to-be?

(1) Bertha

(2) Martha

(3) Jane

(4) Barbara

Answer: 1

38. Which popular nursery rhyme is mentioned at the end of The Waste land?

(1) Ring-a-roses

(2) London Bridge is Falling Down

(3) Humpty Dumpty

(4) Jack and Jill

Answer: 2

39. Purple Hisbiscus is a work by

(1) Cyprian Ekwensi

(2) Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

(3) Seffi Atta

(4) Chukwuemeka Ike

Answer: 2

40. Which country is Jacques Derrida born in?

(1) France

(2) South Africa

(3) Algeria

(4) Belgium

Answer: 3

41. Which of the following plays is NOT part of the so-called Arnold Wesker Trilogy?

(1) I’m Talking about Jerusalem

(2) Chips with Everything

(3) Roots

(4) Chicken Soup with Barley

Answer: 2

42. Identify the play from among the following in which a spendthrift young man auctions away the portraits of his ancestors :

(1) The Taming of the Shrew

(2) The School for Scandal

(3) The Strife

(4) The Philanderer

Answer: 2

43. Which of the following is NOT written by Rudyard Kipling?

(1) Just So Stories

(2) Puck of Pook’s Hill

(3) The Secret Garden

(4) Rewards and Faeries

Answer: 3

44. In Faerie Queene what is Redcrosse’s reward for slaying the Dragon?

(1) The Dragon’s treasure hoard

(2) The satisfaction of accomplishing the end of a righteous quest

(3) Eternal salvation

(4) Una’s hand in marriage and her parents’ kingdom

Answer: 4

45. Which of the following novels has the death of General Muhammad Zia ul-Haq, the former President of Pakistan, at its centre?

(1) The Kite Runner

(2) A Case of Exploding Mangoes

(3) Shame

(4) Kartography

Answer: 2

46. Lewis Carroll is a pseudonym that refers to

(1) E.L. Woodward

(2) Charles Lutwidge Dodson

(3) Michael Brock

(4) W.E. Houghton

Answer: 2

47. One of the following collections initiated confessional poetry in America, a new mode in which the poet bared his/her most tormenting personal problems with great honesty and intensity.

(1) Live or Die

(2) Words for the Wind

(3) Life Studies

(4) Ariel

Answer: 3

48. The Marriage of Heaven and Hell is a …………… by …………….

(1) novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne

(2) play, Mrs. Radcliffe

(3) poem, William Blake

(4) sermon, Laurence Sterne

Answer: 3

49. In the poem or invocation at the opening of Book 3, Paradise Lost, Milton asks for divine help in writing his epic. He states that he is in particular need of aid because he has what he considers to be a disability. What is it?

(1) Lameness

(2) Deafness

(3) Prolixity

(4) Blindness

Answer: 4

50. Match the poets with the collection :

List – I

I. Philip Larkin

II. Geoffrey Hill

III. Ted Hughes

IV. Seamus Heaney

List – II

A. Lupercal

B. Door into the Dark

C. The Less Deceived

D. For the Unfallen


(1) C D B A

(2) C B D A

(3) C D A B

(4) D C B A

Answer: 3