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TGT (2016)

TGT (2016)


Q.1) The art of producing beautiful handwriting is known as

[1] Carnage

[2] Calligraphy

[3] Choregraphy

[4] Anaesthesia

Answer: Calligraphy

Q.2) Much damage and misfortune caused by nature is known as

[1] Calamity

[2] Façade

[3] Penury

[4] Fertility

Answer: Calamity

Direction: Fill in the blanks with the antonym of the underlined word in each of the following sentences

Q.3) They give more importance to material rather than……….advancement

[1] Intellectual

[2] Spiritual

[3] Emotional

[4] Worldly

Answer: Spiritual

Q.4) Honour and ………. arise from one’s own actions.

[1] Pleasure

[2] Reputation

[3] Shame

[4] Progress

Answer: Shame

Q.5) Getting and………we lay waste our powers.

[1] Crying

[2] Spending

[3] Sleeping

[4] Eating

Answer: Spending

Q.6) There is both scarcity and…….in the modern world.

[1] Deficit

[2] Attraction

[3] Plenty

[4] Toleration

Answer: Plenty

Directions: In the following sentence, fill in the blank with appropriate option given below

Q.7) If he………., I shall write to him.

[1] Writing

[2] Writes

[3] Wrote

[4] Write

Answer: Writes

Q.8) The child was…………blind.

[1] Borne

[2] Born

[3] Birth

[4] None of the above

Answer: Born

Q.9) I will introduce you……my boss this week.

[1] On

[2] To

[3] Too

[4] For

Answer: To

Q.10) Art is not an activity associated…. leisure.

[1] By

[2] With

[3] In

[4] For

Answer: With

Q.11) These observations do not confirm……. any law.

[1] On

[2] In

[3] To

[4] For

Answer: To

Q.12) The river flows……. the bridge.

[1] On

[2] Above

[3] To

[4] Under

Answer: Under

Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct tense

Q.13) I……….my car three weeks ago

[1] Washing

[2] Washed

[3] Will wash

[4] Shall wash

Answer: Washed

Q.14) Jonathan insisted on……….out.

[1] Go

[2] Going

[3] Gone

[4] Having gone

Answer: Going

Q.15) He was prevented from……….in the class.

[1] Smoke

[2] Smoking

[3] To smoke

[4] Having smoked

Answer: Smoking

Q.16) You better………. his permission.

[1] Seeking

[2] Seek

[3] To seek

[4] To have sought

Answer: Seek

Q.17) She was seen………. the house

[1] Enter

[2] Entered

[3] Having entered

[4] Entering

Answer: Entering

Q.18) …………. Tigers is a dangerous sport.

[1] To be hunt

[2] Hunting

[3] A hunt of

[4] Having hunt

Answer: Hunting

Direction: Choose the correct answer for the following questions

Q.19) In order to repair the leaking pipes, we had to call the

[1] Carpenter

[2] Plumber

[3] Electrician

[4] Architect

Answer: Plumber

Q.20) As I had hurt my eye, I had to go to……

[1] A psychiatrist

[2] A cardiologist

[3] An oculist

[4] An architect

Answer: An oculist

Q.21) The sudden running of a herd of frightened animals is

[1] Stampede

[2] Aloof

[3] Fiesta

[4] Idealize

Answer: Stampede

Q.22) A nap after lunch is called

[1] Idealize

[2] Barrio

[3] Siesta

[4] Sleepwalking

Answer: Siesta

Directions: Change the following sentences into passive voice

Q.23) They haven’t stamped the letter

[1] The letter isn’t stamped

[2] They stamped not the letter

[3] The letter hasn’t been stamped

[4] The letter has been stamped

Answer: The letter hasn’t been stamped

Q.24) A Japanese firm makes these television sets.

[1] Television sets make these Japanese firm.

[2] These television sets are made by a Japanese firm.

[3] These are Japanese made television sets

[4] None of these

Answer: These television sets are made by a Japanese firm

Q.25) Nobody has used this room for ages.

[1] This room hasn’t been used for ages.

[2] This room has been used for ages.

[3] Nobody uses this room for ages.

[4] For ages nobody has used this room.

Answer: This room hasn’t been used for ages

Q.26) We can’t repair this lock.

[1] We don’t know how to repair this lock.

[2] Nobody can repair this lock.

[3] Your lock can be repaired.

[4] Your lock can’t be repaired.

Answer: Your lock can’t be repaired

Q.27) Although they are 250 miles apart, they keep in constant contact on the internet.

[1] Simple sentence

[2] Complex sentence

[3] Compound sentence

[4] None of the above

Answer: Complex sentence

Q.28) Rita loves to go to the beach and spend her days sunbathing.

[1] Simple sentence

[2] Complex sentence

[3] Compound sentence

[4] None of the above

Answer: Simple sentence

Q.29) Tom and jerry have a big argument every summer over where they should spend their summer vacation.

[1] Compound sentence

[2] Complex sentence

[3] Simple sentence

[4] None of the above

Answer: Complex sentence

Q.30) John dislikes sitting on the roof; he always gets a headache

[1] Compound sentence

[2] Complex sentence

[3] Simple sentence

[4] None of the above

Answer: Complex sentence

Q.31) The word that closely resembles “disagreement” in meaning is

[1] Decent

[2] Descent

[3] Dissent

[4] Descend

Answer: Dissent

Q.32) The word “distinguished” closely resembles

[1] Eminent

[2] Iminent

[3] Imminent

[4] Immanent

Answer: Eminent

Q.33) “Showing respect” is best indicated by

[1] Respectable

[2] Respectful

[3] Respective

[4] Reception

Answer: Respectful

Q.34) A false idea or image is known as

[1] Allusion

[2] Imagery

[3] Illusion

[4] None of the above

Answer: Illusion

Q.35) Which is the correct spelling?

[1] Address

[2] Adress

[3] Adrres

[4] Addres

Answer: Address

Q.36) Select the correctly punctuated sentence in this group

[1] My favorite teacher, who just happens to be my uncle, retired from the university last summer.

[2] My favorite teacher who just happens to be my uncle, retired from the university last summer.

[3] My favorite teacher, who just happens to be my uncle retired from the university last summer.

[4] My favorite, teacher, who just happens to be my uncle, retired from the university last summer.

Answer: My favorite teacher, who just happens to be my uncle, retired from the university last summer

Q.37) Select the correctly punctuated sentence in this group.

[1] Mary has offered to coach the team this year, however, the competition for the job is intense.

[2] Mary has offered to coach the team this year; however, the competition for the job is intense.

[3] Mary has offered to coach the team this year, however the competition for the job is intence.

[4] Mary has offered to coach the team, this year, however, the competition for the job is intense.

Answer: Mary has offered to coach the team this year, however, the competition for the job is intense

Q.38) The dictionary meaning of a word is called

[1] Annotation

[2] Connotation

[3] Denotation

[4] Digression

Answer: Denotation

Q.39) Ellipsis refers to

[1] Omission of words

[2] Addition of words

[3] Mixing of words

[4] None of the above

Answer: Omission of words

Q.40) Using softer sounding words to avoid bluntness

[1] Euphemism

[2] Euphuism

[3] Assonance

[4] Resonance

Answer: Euphemism

Q.41) The seven-line stanza used by medieval poets is known as

[1] Terza Rima

[2] Rhyme royal

[3] Tetra meter

[4] Internal rhyme

Answer: Rhyme royal

Q.42) Elegies and sonnets are two types of

[1] Essays

[2] Fiction

[3] Biographies

[4] Poems

Answer: Poems

Q.43) In literature, “point of view” refers to

[1] Who the main character is

[2] When and where the story takes place

[3] Who is telling the story

[4] The obstacle the main character must overcome

Answer: Who is telling the story

Q.44) In fiction, the author’s overall main idea or most important message is called the

[1] Plot

[2] Conflict

[3] Setting

[4] Theme

Answer: Theme

Q.45) Repetition of the same or similar consonant sounds at the beginning of words is called

[1] Assonance

[2] Alliteration

[3] Apostrophe

[4] Simile

Answer: Alliteration

Q.46) A statement that appears self-contradictory, but that reveals a kind of truth

[1] Irony

[2] Paradox

[3] Onomatopoeia

[4] Simile

Answer: Paradox

Q.47) A story that ends with a happy resolution of conflicts faced by the main character or characters

[1] Tragedy

[2] Farce

[3] Comedy

[4] Satire

Answer: Comedy

Q.48) The statement, “If I told you once, l’ve told you a million times….” is an example of

[1] Understatement

[2] Hyperbole

[3] Tone

[4] Satire

Answer: Hyperbole

Q.49) A poem consisting of four lines, or four lines of a poem that can be considered as a unit

[1] Couplet

[2] Haiku

[3] Quatrain

[4] Lyric

Answer: Quatrain

Q.50) “Father of our country” and “the great emancipator” are examples of

[1] Analogy

[2] Epithet

[3] Allegory

[4] Foil

Answer: Epithet

Q.51) A type of comedy in which ridiculous and often stereotyped characters are involved in silly, far-fetched situations

[1] Farce

[2] Parable

[3] Fable

[4] Sentimental comedy

Answer: Farce

Q.52) The use of language to evoke a picture or a concrete sensation of a person, a thing, a place or an experience

[1] Symbol

[2] Imagery

[3] Aphorism

[4] Simile

Answer: Imagery

Q.53) A statement that says less than what is meant

[1] Ambiguity

[2] Oxymoron

[3] Understatement

[4] Litote

Answer: Understatement

Q.54) Brief story, told to illustrate a point or serve as an example of something, often showing character of an individual

[1] Personification

[2] Anecdote

[3] Aside

[4] Interior monologue

Answer: Anecdote

Q.55) Which of the following works is not one of galsworthy’s plays?

[1] The silver box

[2] The silver spoon

[3] Strife

[4] Justice

Answer: The silver spoon

Q.56) ………Is the main theme of most of Galsworthy’s plays?

[1] Family history

[2] Fraternity

[3] Social problems of his time

[4] Romance

Answer: Social problems of his time

Q.57) John Galsworthy’s style is remarkable for……

[1] Its strength and elasticity

[2] Its powerful sweep, brilliant illustrations

[3] Its deep psychological analysis

[4] All the above

Answer: All the above

Q.58) Which of the following does not belong to galsworthy’s three trilogies?

[1] The man of property

[2] The forstyle sage

[3] A modern comedy

[4] The end of the chapter

Answer: The man of property

Q.59) Which of the following writers didn’t win the Nobel prize for literature?

[1] George Bernard Shaw

[2] John Galsworthy

[3] William butler Yeats

[4] James Joyce

Answer: James Joyce

Q.60) John Galsworthy was born in the year

[1] 1873

[2] 1867

[3] 1865

[4] 1890

Answer: 1867

Q.61) When was John Milton born?

[1] 22April 1600

[2] 19August 1604

[3] 6June 1606

[4] 9December 1608

Answer: 9December 1608

Q.62) Where was john Milton born?

[1] Bristol

[2] Yorkshire

[3] Liverpool

[4] London

Answer: London

Q.63) In whose memory did john Milton write “methought I saw my late espoused saint”?

[1] Oliver Cromwell

[2] Mary Powell

[3] Katherine woodcock

[4] Charles I

Answer: Katherine woodcock

Q.64) When was paradise lost published?

[1] 1660

[2] 1667

[3] 1658

[4] 1654

Answer: 1667

Q.65) In which of the following works did Milton promote freedom of speech and oppose licensing and censorship?

[1] Paradise regained

[2] Areopagitica

[3] Eikonoklastes

[4] Samson agonistes

Answer: Areopagitica

Q.66) Paradise lost comprises………. books.

[1] 12

[2] 16

[3] 10

[4] 14

Answer: 12

Q.67) Paradise lost is written in.

[1] Free verse

[2] Blank verse

[3] Rhymed verse

[4] None of the above

Answer: Blank verse

Q.68) The famous line “what though the field be lost; all is not lost” is spoken by…….

[1] Adam

[2] Eve

[3] Satan

[4] Beelzebub

Answer: Satan

Q.69) Milton begins paradise lost book I with…

[1] Lament

[2] Invocation

[3] Soliloquy

[4] Refrain

Answer: Invocation

Q.70) Milton is most famous for his……

[1] Narrative style

[2] Dramatics style

[3] Grand style

[4] Aphoristic style

Answer: Grand style

Q.71) The word that completes the famous line “better to reign in hell than serve in……” is:

[1] Sky

[2] Heaven

[3] Earth

[4] Moon

Answer: Heaven

Q.72) William Shakespeare belonged to the

[1] Restoration age

[2] Victorian age

[3] Elizabethan age

[4] Romantic age

Answer: Elizabethan age

Q.73) Who is known as the “melancholy man” in as you like it?

[1] Touchstone

[2] Silvious

[3] Jaques

[4] Corin

Answer: Jaques

Q.74) Which of the following is not a character in as you like it?

[1] Rosalind

[2] Celia

[3] Orlando

[4] Portia

Answer: Portia

Q.75) Fortinbras is a character is Shakespeare’s

[1] King lear

[2] Othello

[3] Hamlet

[4] Julius Caesar

Answer: Hamlet

Q.76) The main theme of the Shakespearean sonnets is……..

[1] Love

[2] Hatred

[3] Intrigue

[4] Envy

Answer: Love

Q.77) A Shakespearean sonnet ends with a…….

[1] Quartet

[2] Octave

[3] Couplet

[4] Triplet

Answer: Couplet

Q.78) The total number of sonnets written by Shakespeare is

[1] 174

[2] 154

[3] 184

[4] 194

Answer: 154

Q.79) “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor plays” occurs in Shakespeare’s

[1] Twelfth night

[2] Hamlet

[3] Macbeth

[4] King lear

Answer: Macbeth

Q.80) In Galsworthy’s justice. “The law is what it is a majestic efidice, sheltering all of us, each stone of which rests on another” has been said by

[1] Cashier

[2] Lawyer

[3] Manager

[4] Judge

Answer: Judge

Q.81) By what age had Milton become totally blind?

[1] 34

[2] 46

[3] 44

[4] 56

Answer: 44

Q.82) A song of sorrow especially for the dead is called

[1] Satire

[2] Epic

[3] Elegy

[4] Ode

Answer: Elegy

Q.83) Octave is a sonnet consists of

[1] Eight lines

[2] Six lines

[3] Four lines

[4] Ten lines

Answer: Eight lines

Q.84) Which of the following phrases best characterizes the late-nineteenth century aesthetic movement.

[1] Art for intellect’s sake

[2] Art for god’s sake

[3] Art for the masses

[4] Art for art’s sake

Answer: Art for art’s sake

Q.85) Strophe, antistrophe and epode form a three-part structure in

[1] A classic ode

[2] A Greek chorus

[3] A Medieval

[4] A Petrarchan sonnet

Answer: A classic ode

Q.86) Who said that in paradise lost book “Milton belongs to the devil’s party without knowing it.”

[1] Frank Kermode

[2] William Empson

[3] C.S. Lewis

[4] William Blake

Answer: William Blake

Q.87) It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.

[1] Simile

[2] Metaphor

[3] Antithesis

[4] Oxymoron

Answer: Antithesis

Q.88) Love is an ideal thing, marriage is a real thing.

[1] Oxymoron

[2] Metaphor

[3] Simile

[4] Antithesis

Answer: Antithesis

Q.89) Let’s go to bed now.

[1] Oxymoron

[2] Metonymy

[3] Personification

[4] Pun

Answer: Metonymy

Q.90) Humour is the shock absorber of life; it helps us take the blows.

[1] Understatement

[2] Metaphor

[3] Simile

[4] Personification

Answer: Metaphor

Q.91) Brriiiiiiiiiiiiing! An alarm clock clanged in the dark and silent room.

[1] Oxymoron

[2] Apostrophe

[3] Onomatopoeia

[4] Simile

Answer: Onomatopoeia

Q.92) The quote “love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind and therefore is wing’d cupid painted blind, “occurs in

[1] A midsummer’s night dream

[2] Love’ labour lost

[3] Antony and Cleopatra

[4] The merry wives of Windsor

Answer: A midsummer’s night dream

Q.93) The quote, “The quality of mercy is not strained, / it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven,” occurs in

[1] Twelfth night

[2] Cymbeline

[3] Merchant of Venice

[4] As you like is

Answer: Merchant of Venice

Q.94) Frailty, thy name is woman!” is taken from

[1] Julius Caeser

[2] Hamlet

[3] Othello

[4] King Lear

Answer: Hamlet

Q.95) “Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/ her infinite variety”.

[1] All’s well that ends well

[2] Othello

[3] Titus Andronicus

[4] Antony and Cleopatra

Answer: Antony and Cleopatra

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: In our approach to life, be it pragmatic or other a basic fact that confronts us squarey and unmistakably is the desire for peace, security and happiness. Different forms of life at different levels of existence make up teeming denizens of this earth of ours. And no matter whether they belong to higher groups such as human beings or to the lower groups such as animals, all beings primarily seek peace, comfort and security. Life is as dear to a mute creature as it is to a man. Even the lowliest insect strives for protection against dangers that threaten its life. Just as each one of us wants to live and not to die, so do all other creatures.

Q.96) The author’s main point is that

[1] Different forms of life are found on earth.

[2] Different levels of existence are possible in nature.

[3] Peace and security are the chief goals of all living beings.

[4] Even the weakest creature struggles to preserve its life.

Answer: Peace and security are the chief goals of all living beings

Q.97) Which one of the following assumptions or steps is essential in developing the author’s position?

[1] All forms of life have a single overriding goal.

[2] The will to survive of a creature is identified with a desire for peace.

[3] All beings are divided into higher and lower groups.

[4] A parallel is drawn between happiness and life, and pain and death.

Answer: The will to survive of a creature is identified with a desire for peace

Q.98) The word “denizens” in the passage implies

[1] Aliens

[2] Defectors

[3] Inhabitants

[4] Visitors

Answer: Inhabitants

Q.99) The author presumes that animals are….

[1] Superior to human beings

[2] Inferior to human beings

[3] Equal to human beings

[4] All of the above

Answer: Inferior to human beings

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: The martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom of the country had a lofty vision of the future. They wanted the nation to be free from all slavery and bondage. They wanted an India in which all the communities would live in perfect harmony and in which there would be no high class and no low class of people, the curse of untouchability having been wiped out completely. Women would enjoy equal rights with men and contribute their fullest to the making of a great nation. Such a vison was in keeping with the ancient glory of the country renowned for its splendid achievements in literature, art and culture. We must now revitalize this ancient culture of ours with tolerance as it is masthrad. If we forget or cease to take pride in our noble heritage, we shall have to face severe indictment in the court of history which is a ruthless judge and seldom spares the erring people.

Q.100) The martyrs who died for the freedom of India wanted.

[1] The country to be the strongest nation in the world.

[2] The country to rule over the other nations

[3] The country to be free from slavery

[4] The people to give up their antiquated customs

Answer: The country to be free from slavery

Q.101) The martyrs wanted that

[1] There should be reservation in the jobs for the backward sections of the society.

[2] There should be perfect communal love and peace in the country

[3] The old caste system should be retained in the future

[4] The women should look after their families only

Answer: There should be perfect communal love and peace in the country

Q.102) We must strive with total commitment to

[1] Defeat and overcome the enemies of the nation.

[2] Revitalise our rich past culture.

[3] Inject scientific temper into our past culture

[4] Make scientific advancements

Answer: Revitalise our rich past culture

Q.103) Our freedom fighters envisioned that in free India

[1] There should be an egalitarian society

[2] Women would enjoy higher privileges and rights than others

[3] The country would be taken forward by some selected classes of society

[4] Industrialization should occupy top priority.

Answer: There should be an egalitarian society

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option.

Q.104) Bees…….display distinct preferences of different colours, but are also sensitive to ultraviolet light.

[1] Only

[2] Not only

[3] Only do

[4] Can only

Answer: Not only

Q.105) Jupiter……the largest planet in the solar system.

[1] Is

[2] Which

[3] Although

[4] Being

Answer: Is

Q.106) When sugar……….to yeast, fermentation takes places

[1] By adding

[2] Adding

[3] It is added

[4] Is added

Answer: Is added

Q.107) The overall efficiency of a system can be …..that of its weakest element.

[1] No greater than

[2] Less great

[3] Nothing as great as

[4] Not the greater

Answer: No greater than

Q.108) At agricultural stations many types of grass are grown…..various conditions.

[1] Under

[2] Underneath

[3] Below

[4] Beneath

Answer: Under

Q.109) Nitric acid…….copper to give off brown fumes of nitrogen dioxide.

[1] On reacting with

[2] Reacting to

[3] Reacts with

[4] Is reacting with

Answer: Reacts with

Q.110) The saturated fat in dairy foods is thought………a factor in heart disease.

[1] It is

[2] To be

[3] They are

[4] As being

Answer: To be

Q.111) Robots are being used increasingly in industry as they can work on large jobs faster, are more precise and….

[1] Don’t as easily tire

[2] Don’t tire more easily

[3] Don’t tire easily

[4] Don’t too easily tire

Answer: Don’t tire easily

Q.112) Many plants can grow in water, without any soil…..nutrients are added.

[1] As long as

[2] Sure that

[3] Above all

[4] Of necessary

Answer: As long as

Q.113) Management…….as the organization and coordination of an enterprise.

[1] To be defined

[2] It is defined

[3] Definable

[4] Can be defined

Answer: Can be defined

Q.114) The meaning of “euthanasia” is

[1] Mercy killing

[2] Murder

[3] Assassination

[4] Atrocity

Answer: Mercy killing

Q.115) “Accomplice” means

[1] Associate in crime

[2] Leader

[3] Skilled worker

[4] Enemy

Answer: Associate in crime

Q.116) The condition of self-government is called

[1] Autocracy

[2] Automation

[3] Autonomy

[4] Autogamy

Answer: Autocracy

Q.117) One who abstains completely from alcohol is called

[1] Atheist

[2] Kleptomaniac

[3] Teetotaler

[4] Totalitarian

Answer: Teetotaler