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Paper 2- January 2017

Paper 2- January 2017

1. Identify from the following the work Nirad C. Chaudhuri called “the finest novel in the English language with an Indian theme”.

(1) Kim

(2) A Passage to India

(3) Train to Pakistan

(4) Private Life of an Indian Prince

Answer: 1

2. Who is the author of the poem “The Defence of Lucknow” dealing with the siege of Lucknow, one of the terrible incidents of the Indian Mutiny ?

(1) Rudyard Kipling

(2) Edward Lear

(3) Alfred Lord Tennyson

(4) Robert Browning

Answer: 3

3. Who among the following theorists holds that metaphor and metonymy are the two fundamental structures of language ?

(1) Ferdinand de Saussure

(2) J.L. Austin

(3) Roman Jakobson

(4) Victor Shklovsky

Answer: 3

4. From among the following, who are the Dashwood sisters in Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility ?

I. Elinor

II. Marianne

III. Mary

IV. Amanda

The right combination according to the code is :

(1) I and III

(2) I and II

(3) II and III

(4) III and IV

Answer: 2

5. Which among the following texts can be characterised as a lesbian Bildungsroman ?

(1) Angela Carter, The Magic Toyshop

(2) Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

(3) Jeanette Winterson, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

(4) Ruth Pawar Jhabvala, Heat and Dust

Answer: 3

6. Identify the correct chronological sequence of publication :

(1) Paradise Lost – The Advancement of Learning – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding – MacFlecknoe

(2) The Advancement of Learning – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding – MacFlecknoe – Paradise Lost

(3) The Advancement of Learning – Paradise Lost – MacFlecknoe – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

(4) Paradise Lost – MacFlecknoe – The Advancement of Learning – An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Answer: 3

7. Poe’s “The Raven” mourns the death of Poe’s

(1) lost Lenore

(2) lost Abigail

(3) pet animal

(4) lost heritage

Answer: 1

8. In Shakespeare’s Macbeth who was “untimely ripped” from his mother’s womb ?

(1) Macbeth

(2) Macduff

(3) Duncan

(4) Malcolm

Answer: 2

9. Alexander Pope revised The Rape of the Lock three times. In the final revision of the poem in 1717 he inserted a speech by

(1) Belinda

(2) Clarissa

(3) Betty

(4) Thalestris

Answer: 2

10. Identify, from the following list, two plays written by John Webster :

I. A Woman Killed with Kindness

II. The Revenger’s Tragedy

III. The White Devil

IV. The Ducchess of Malfi

The right combination according to the code is

(1) I & IV

(2) II & IV

(3) III & IV

(4) I & III

Answer: 3

11. Which of the following works by David Malouf tells the story of the Roman poet, Ovid, during his exile in Tomis ?

(1) Remembering Babylon

(2) The Great World

(3) The Conversations at Curlow Creek

(4) An Imaginary Life

Answer: 4

12. In his Defence of Poesy which of the following works does Sidney commend as good examples of English Poesy ?

I. The Mirror of Magistrates

II. The Shepherd’s Calendar

III. Lament for the Makers

IV. Ballad of Scottish King

The right combination according to the code is :

(1) I and III

(2) I and IV

(3) I and II

(4) II and III

Answer: 3

13. Who among the following dismissed Ulysses as “a misfire” ?

(1) Virginia Woolf

(2) Wyndham Lewis

(3) E.M. Forster

(4) D.H. Lawrence

Answer: 1

14. Which of the following works Daniel Defoe offered his readers as a collection of “Strange Surprising Adventures” ?

(1) Moll Flanders

(2) Robinson Crusoe

(3) Roxana

(4) Captain Singleton

Answer: 2

15. In Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, what does Mr. Brocklehurst accuse Jane of when he visits Lowood School ?

(1) Laziness

(2) Stealing

(3) Lying

(4) Spying

Answer: 3

16. William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying contains one of the shortest chapters in literary history. Which of these sentences is the chapter in its entirety ?

(1) “For the love of God, where is my hat ?”

(2) “My mother is a fish.”

(3) “Addie Bundren was dead, to begin with.”

(4) “Apricot jam is the worst sort of jam.”

Answer: 2

17. The prelude to Middlemarch makes a reference to the particular history of a remarkable woman, …………..

(1) St. Agnes

(2) St. Theresa

(3) St. Joan

(4) St. Carmel

Answer: 2

18. “O, for a draught of vintage ! that hath been

Cooled a long age in the deep-delved earth,
Tasting of Flora and the country green,
Dance, and Provencal song, and sunburnt mirth !”
The above description is an example of

(1) Paronomasia

(2) Synaesthesia

(3) Aphaeresis

(4) Synecdoche

Answer: 2

19. The term, “poetic justice,” to designate the idea that the good are rewarded and the evil punished, was devised by

(1) Aristotle

(2) John Dryden

(3) Thomas Rhymer

(4) Ben Jonson

Answer: 3

20. ………….. is the producer of the first complete printed English Bible.

(1) Jerome

(2) William Tyndale

(3) Miles Coverdale

(4) Bede

Answer: 3

21. In The Fall of Hyperion : A Dream Keats sees a ladder leading upwards and is addressed by a prophetess in the following words : “None can usurp this height … / But those to whom the miseries of the world / Are misery, and will not let them rest.” Who is the prophetess ?

(1) Urania

(2) Moneta

(3) Melete

(4) Mneme

Answer: 2

22. Virginia Woolf’s To the Lighthouse has a tripartite structure. The three parts are named the following EXCEPT :

(1) The Sky

(2) The Window

(3) Time Passes

(4) The Lighthouse

Answer: 1

23. Which novel by Patrick White is based on the story of Ludwig Leichhardt, the Prussian naturalist who explored Australia in the mid-1840s, in which White’s fictional hero says when asked about navigation – “The Map? I will first make it” ?

(1) The Tree of Man

(2) Voss

(3) Riders in the Chariot

(4) The Solid Mandala

Answer: 2

24. Who among the following is not a character in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies ?

(1) Ralph

(2) Piggy

(3) Peter

(4) Jack

Answer: 3

25. Dante Gabriel Rossetti founded the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood which included

I. Holman Hunt

II. Arthur Hugh Clough

III. Gerald Manley Hopkins

IV. John Millais

The right combination according to the code is

(1) II and III

(2) I and IV

(3) I and III

(4) II and IV

Answer: 2

26. The seven deadly sins are sought to be portrayed in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Which of the following sins is not covered by Chaucer ?

I. Jealousy

II. Envy

III. Lust

IV. Homicide

The right combination according to the code is

(1) I & II

(2) I & III

(3) I & IV

(4) III & IV

Answer: 3

27. Richardson’s Pamela had its origin in

(1) the real case of a woman born to lower-middle-class parents

(2) an elementary letter-writing manual

(3) the general plight of English women

(4) the suggestion of a friend to defend middle-class values

Answer: 2

28. The Medall, a poem written by John Dryden in 1681, is sub-titled

(1) A Satire against Sedition

(2) A Satire against Tyranny

(3) A Satire against Greed

(4) A Satire against Apostasy

Answer: 1

29. “Full fathom five thy father lies” is an example of

(1) assonance

(2) alliteration

(3) apostrophe

(4) enjambment

Answer: 2

30. What is a trochee ?

(1) A two syllable foot of verse with two heavy stresses

(2) A two syllable foot of verse in which the stress falls on the first syllable

(3) Three successive heavy stresses

(4) A six line stanza in which the rhyme sounds are all identical

Answer: 2

31. Keats’s “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” combines two poetic forms

I. Lyric

II. Dramatic Monologue

III. Ballad

IV. Sonnet

The right combination according to the code is

(1) II and III

(2) I and IV

(3) I and III

(4) II and IV

Answer: 3

32. ………….. narrator highlights the problem of narrative authority.

(1) First person

(2) Self-conscious

(3) Third person

(4) Participant

Answer: 2

33. Who among the following modern writers is associated with the quote, “Only connect” ?

(1) D.H. Lawrence

(2) Virginia Woolf

(3) James Joyce

(4) E.M. Forster

Answer: 4

34. Which of the following images does not figure in Auden’s “Musee des Beaux Arts” ?

(1) a boy falling out of the sky

(2) children … skating on a pond at the edge of wood

(3) ranches of isolation and the busy griefs

(4) the dogs go on with their doggy life

Answer: 3

35. Feste is a clown in

(1) Twelfth Night

(2) As You Like It

(3) The Taming of the Shrew

(4) Much Ado About Nothing

Answer: 1

36. Which play by Tom Stoppard has a play within the play ?

(1) Enter a Free Man

(2) The Real Inspector Hound

(3) Jumpers

(4) Night and Day

Answer: 2

37. Which of the following is not true of free verse ?

(1) Characterised by short, irregular lines.

(2) No rhyme pattern.

(3) Written in iambic pentameter

(4) A dependence on the effective and more intense use of pauses

Answer: 3

38. James Thomson’s long poem, The Seasons, revised and expanded all his life, began in the first instance as a poem entitled

(1) Spring

(2) Summer

(3) Winter

(4) Autumn

Answer: 3

39. Two cantos from the seventh book of The Faerie Queene appeared posthumously. They are known as

(1) Mutability cantos

(2) Friendship cantos

(3) Justice cantos

(4) Courtesy cantos

Answer: 1

40. Foucault believes that the facts of history will protect us from

(1) repeating mistakes

(2) totalitarianism

(3) deconstructionism

(4) historicism

Answer: 4

41. What is the occupation of Max’s son, Lenny, in Harold Pinter’s The Home Coming ?

(1) boxer

(2) butcher

(3) pimp

(4) cab driver

Answer: 3

42. Which Byron poem begins in the following manner : “I want a hero : an uncommon want, when every year and month sends forth a new one” ?

(1) Beppo

(2) Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage

(3) Don Juan

(4) The Vision of Judgement

Answer: 3

43. In the second ending of John Fowles’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman Charles Smithson’s lawyer finds that Sarah has been living in the house of

(1) William Morris

(2) William Holman Hunt

(3) D.G. Rossetti

(4) James Collinson

Answer: 3

44. In 1692 William Congreve published Incognita, a work of fiction which is dubbed a ‘novel’ on its title-page. What is the sub-title ?

(1) Love and Duty Reconcil’d

(2) Beauty in Distress

(3) Virtue Rewarded

(4) Love in Excess

Answer: 1

45. In “Tradition and the Individual Talent” T.S Eliot uses the analogy of the catalyst to elucidate his theory of impersonal poetry. He cites the example of a filament of platinum and, in the poetic process this is equivalent to

(1) the language of the poet

(2) the mind of the poet

(3) the soul of the poet

(4) the life of the poet

Answer: 2

46. Match the character with the work :

A. Pip

B. Causaubon

C. Becky Sharp

D. Heathcliff

I. Middlemarch

II. Great Expectations

III. Wuthering Heights

IV. Vanity Fair

The right combination according to the code is :


(1) B C D A

(2) D A C B

(3) B A D C

(4) C B A D

Answer: 3

47. Samuel Johnson’s Lives of the English Poets combines the following except

(1) analytical criticism

(2) literary history

(3) personal biography

(4) Socratic dialogue

Answer: 4

48. Which two works of JM Coetzee won Booker Prize on two occasions ?

I. In the Heart of the Country

II. Life and Times of Michael K.

III. Disgrace

IV. Waiting for the Barbarians

The right combination according to the code is :

(1) II and III

(2) II and IV

(3) III and IV

(4) I and III

Answer: 1

49. Who among the following Greek Philosophers has a bearing on the composition of Shelley’s “Adonais” ?

(1) Miletus

(2) Socrates

(3) Plato

(4) Aristotle

Answer: 3

50. Match the author with the work :


A. John Locke

B. William Dampier

C. Jeremy Collier

D. Thomas Rhymer


I. A Short View of the Immorality and Profanity of the Stage

II. Two Treatises on Government

III. A Short View of Tragedy

IV. Voyages






Answer: 3