Paper 2- December 2007

1. The author of The Provok’d Husband was :
(A) Etherege
(B) Colley Cibber
Answer: B

2. Who among the boys in Golding’s Lord of the Flies is associated with Christ ?
(A) Piggy
(B) Ralph
(C) Jack
(D) Simon
Answer: D

3. The complete title of Laurance Stern’s novel Tristram Shandy is:
(A)The Strange and Surprising Adventures of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
(B)A True Account of The Life of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
(C)The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
(D)The Strange and Surprising Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman
Answer: C

4. Feminine ending refers to :
(A) a stressed final syllable in a line of verse
(B) the ending of a poem in a stressed syllable
(C) the ending of a poem in an unstressed syllable
(D) an unstressed final syllable in a line of verse
Answer: C

5. The essay ‘The Death of the Author’ is written by :
(A) Michel Foucault
(B) Jacques Derrida
(C) Roland Barthes
(D) Alvin Kernan
Answer: C

6. Salman Rushdie’s Shame is set in :
(A) East Pakistan
(B) India and Pakistan
(C) Pakistan
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

7. Choose the correct chronological sequence in :
(A) Lucy Hutchinson’s Memoirs of the life of Colonel Hutchinson – Milton’s Paradise Lost – Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress – Dryden’s The Hind and the Panther
(B) Hutchinson’s Memoirs – Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress – Dryden’s Hind and the Panther- Milton’s Paradise Lost
(C) Milton’s Paradise Lost – Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress – Dryden’s Hind and the Panther- Hutchinson’s Memoirs
(D) Dryden’s Hind and the Panther – Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress Hutchinson’s Memoirs- Milton’s Paradise Lost
Answer: C

8. The Little Minister is a novel by :
(A) John Galsworthy
(B)H.G. Wells
(C) James M. Barrie
(D)Rudyard Kipling
Answer: C

9. Which Augustan writer’s epitaph reads : “one who strove with all his might to champion liberty” ?
(A) Alexander Pope
(B) Jonathan Swift
(C) Henry Fielding
(D) Daniel Defoe
Answer: B

10. In which of the following novels incidents relating to the declaration of Emergency in India in 1975 figure?
(A) Farrukh Dhondy’s Bombay Duck
(B) Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy
(C) Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English August : An Indian Story
(D) Rohinton Mistry’s Such Long Journey
Answer: D

11. Identify the matching pair :
(A) Edward II : Zenocrate
(B) The Jew of Malta : Barabas
(C) The Spanish Tragedy : Horatio
(D)Tamburlaine : Gaveston
Answer: C

12. The future ruin of Troy and the murder of Agamemnon are referred to by W.B. Yeats in :
(A) The Second Coming
(B) Circus Animals Desertion
(C) When You Are Old
(D) Leda and Swan
Answer: A

13. Inscape refers to :
(A) The indwelling presence of God in nature
(B) The universal character of a natural thing
(C) The individuating character of a natural thing
(D) The moment of release from the material world
Answer: C

14. In which of these plays does Edward Albee use the ‘success’ myth ?
(A) A Zoo Story
(B) Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf
(C) American Dream
(D) The Death of Bessie Smith
Answer: C

15. “The voice of poetry comes from a region above us, a plane of our being above and beyond our personal intelligence”. Who among the following is the author of the above lines?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) A.K. Coomaraswamy
(C) Sri Aurobindo
(D) Sisir Kumar Ghose
Answer: C

16. The number of poems in Sidney’s sonnet sequence Astrophil and Stella is :
(A) 99
(B) 47
(C) 112
(D) 108
Answer: D

17. J.M. Coetzee’s Foe is a postmodern retelling of :
(A) Ivanhoe
(B) Evelina
(C) Robinson Crusoe
(D) The Moonstone
Answer: C

18. Johnson’s edition of Shakespeare appeared in :
(A) 1752
(B) 1765
(C) 1791
(D) 1760
Answer: B

19.The main character in Gogol’s Dead Souls is :
(A) Oblomov
(B) Bazarov
(C) Alyosha
(D) Chichikov
Answer: D

20. After Shakespeare made his debut as a London playwright, he was described as an’upstart crow’ by :
(A) Robert Greene
(B) Thomas Lodge
(C) Christopher Marlowe
(D) John Lyly
Answer: A

21. What was the first play of Mrs. Dalloway called ?
(A) Clarissa
(B) Hours
(C)The Big Ben
(D)The Party
Answer: D

22. Which of the following Caribbean novels makes inter textual references to Jane Eyre ?
(A) No Telephone to Heaven
(B) Wide Sargasso Sea
(C) Crick Crack Monkey
(D) Between Two Worlds
Answer: B

23. The term ‘metaphysical poets’, was first used by :
(A) Ben Jonson
(B) Dr. Johnson
(C) Helen Gardner
(D) Dryden
Answer: B

24. “Only connect” is the epigraph to a novel by :
(A) George Orwell
(B) Joseph Conrad
(C) D.H. Lawrence
(D) E.M. Forster
Answer: D

25. The expression “Thy hand, great Anarch” occurs in a satire by :
(A) Dryden
(B) Pope
(C) Johnson
Answer: B

26. In which of the following novels by Graham Greene does the little girl Brigitta appear ?
(A) The Heart of the Matter
(B) The Power and the Glory
(C) Brighton Rock
(D) The Quiet American
Answer: B

27. The author of ‘A Satire Against Reason and Mankind’ is :
(D) Swift
Answer: A

28.’Anagnorisis’ is a term used by Aristotle for describing :
(A) The moment of discovery by the protagonist
(B) The reversal of fortune for the protagonist
(C) The happy resolution of the plot
(D) The convergence of the main plot and the sub plot
Answer: A

29. In which play by Shakespeare do we find widowed queens questioning the assumptions of male politics ?
(A) Henry V
(B) Richard III
(C)Anthony and Cleopatra
(D) Hamlet
Answer: B

30. Which of the following feminist critics used the expression ‘Gynocriticism’for the first time ?
(A) Kate Millet
(B) Simone de Beauvoir
(C)Elaine Showalter
(D) Mary Ellmann
Answer: C

31. John Keats’s poem ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ was composed in :
(A) 1818
(B) 1819
(C) 1820
(D) 1821
Answer: B

32. The Female Quixote was written by :
(A)Henry Fielding
(B)Tobias Smollett
(C) Charlotte Lennox
(D) Aphra Behn
Answer: C

33. Which contemporary British poet has translated Beowulf ?
(A) Thom Gunn
(B) Alan Lewis
(C)Edward Thomas
(D) Seamus Heaney
Answer: D

34.’The Praise of Chimney-Sweepers’ is :
(A) A poem by William Blake an essay by Charles Lamb
(B) An elegy by William Wordsworth
(C) An essay by Charles Lamb
(D) An essay by William Hazlitt
Answer: C

35. The Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner is a novel by :
(A) Kingsley Amis
(B) Alan Sillitoe
(C) John Braine
(D) John Osborne
Answer: B

36. In ‘Black Venus’ Angela Carter takes elements from the poetry of a famous French poet and places them in a very different paradigm. Who is the French poet ?
Answer: A

37. Strophe, antistrophe and epode form a three-part structure in :
(A) a classic ode
(B) a Greek chorus
(C)a medieval ballad
(D) a Petrarchan sonnet
Answer: A

38. The words “where are the songs of spring ? Ay, where are they ?” occur in :
(A) Ode to the West Wind
(B) The Seasons
(C) Ode to Autumn
(D) Resolution and Independence
Answer: C

39. “Music that gentler on the spirit lies than tired eyelids upon tired eyes” the above lines occur in Tennyson’s :
(A) Tears, Idle Tears
(B) In Memoriam
(C) Maud
(D) The Lotus Eaters
Answer: D

40. Which of the following pairs is correctly matched ?
(A) Robert Southey : Lady of the Lake
(B) T.S. Eliot : Lake Isle of Innisfree
(C) A.C. Swinburne : The Lady of Shallott
(D)Thomas De Quincey : Recollections of the Lakes and the Lake Poets
Answer: D

41. Which famous English novel opens with a young woman who is ‘handsome, clever and rich’ ?
(A) Middlemarch
(B) Wuthering Heights
(C) Moll Flanders
(D) Emma
Answer: D

42. It appears that in Paradise Lost Book I “Milton belongs to the Devil’s party without knowing it”. Who among the following made this statement ?
(A) Frank Kermode
(B) William Empson
(C) C.S. Lewis
(D) William Blake
Answer: D

43. Live Like Pigs is :
(A) a humorous poem by Pope
(B) an allegorical narrative by Orwell
(C) a play by Arden
(D) a satirical sketch by Swift
Answer: C

44. ‘A woman drew her long black hair out tight And fiddled whisper music on those strings’. From which section of Eliot’s The Waste Land are the above lines taken ?
(A) A Game of Chess
(B) What the Thunder Said
(C) Burial of the Dead
(D) Fire Sermon
Answer: B

45. Which is the correct sequence of Achebe’s African Trilogy ?
(A) Things Fall Apart – Arrow of God – No Longer At Ease
(B) No Longer At Ease – Arrow of God – Things Fall Apart
(C) Things Fall Apart – No Longer At Ease – Arrow of God
(D) Arrow of God – Things Fall Apart – No Longer At Ease
Answer: C

46. Which are the figures of speech used in the following lines by Blake
“Tyger, tyger, burning bright
In the forest of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry ?”

(A) simile and personification
(B) irony and synecdoche
(C) apostrophe and synecdoche
(D) metonymy and apostrophe
Answer: C

47. In which of the following American novels does ‘the Valley of Ashes’ occur ?
(A) Huck Finn
(B) The Red Badge of Courage
(C) Invisible Man
(D) The Great Gatsby
Answer: D

48. To whom is Chaucer referring when he says ‘He knew the tavern well in every town’ ?
(A) Pardoner
(B) Monk
(C) Squire
(D) Friar
Answer: D

49. “Poetry is a criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a criticism by laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty”. Who, among the following, made the above statement ?
(A) Dr. Johnson
(B) Sidney
(C) Matthew Arnold
(D) Wordsworth
Answer: C

50. “She is inspired but diabolically inspired”. Who is this lady ?
(A) Candida
(B) Major Barbara
(C) Saint Joan
(D) Ann
Answer: C

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