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My heartfelt thanks to you for enabling the path of literature a soother one. Past 6 months of literature journey with you was really amazing. Your organised way of teaching really made things easier and also boosted my confidence. I found the division of syllabus extremely helpful. The summaries of works that you have provided are very helpful to answer the questions. Especially literary criticism is of great help. The final mock test which you have conducted helped to boost our preparation. All your efforts are really praise worthy.  May you be blessed with abundance in every sphere of your life. Thank you once again for your wonderful classes
Sandhya K R

Ma’am your teaching immensely helped me to appear in this NET exam. Even complex topics become easy with your teaching methods. Your audio lectures are to the point and helps to grasp the topic evading any need to take reference from another sources. British literature along with the other 9 Modules immensely helped me, though I was not able to complete everything. Whatever be the result, I want to thank you cordially for your teaching. I was very much confident in this attempt before my previous attempts as your course helped me to cover writers and writings in systematic manner.

Saumyadeep Karmakar

Hello ma’am. Thank you for the account renewal section for old students. Im really very grateful that im a part of your course becoz even coaching classes cannot provide such a detailed material even after paying so much money. Self study toh harr kisiko karna hi padta hai. But the difference is that you explain the concepts so well that I could remember your explanation even in that exam hall. This clarity of conception I wouldn’t have got in a coaching class. Apart from the best material & superb clarity of the concept another good thing is that I can listen to audio lectures in my comfortable pyjamas at home sitting anywhere, in which ever position I like. In coaching classes I have to dress up properly & have to sit in a formal way for a long time, bus ke dhakke khane padte he wo alag which takes lot of my energy. I even cannot munch something while I am in class, tiffin bharne ka ek kam zyada ho jata but in the online coaching pattern I could study in a good atmosphere & good mental condition which is very important & I can anytime pause & eat my snacks anytime

Rohini Goyal

With regard to your online course, I must say that the course is fantabulous. Such a huge course, and you simplified it according to importance of authors and their important works, leaving out which was inessential. You supplemented it with all the important summaries and mind maps. All literary theories and criticism topics were made so simple to understand. It couldn’t be better than this. For the past seven months, we’ve been dwelling with your voice, listening to your lectures. I must say this has given a different direction to our preparation making us disciplined and clear in our approach. Thanks😊


I can surely say this that the kind of energy and effort you put in your lessons is better than any other coaching.
Before I joined your course I was taking classes at a coaching centre situated in my city Ludhiana. But after I joined your course I didn’t want to go to the classes. Your lessons were way better.

Very glad and satisfied with ur audio lectures. The course is structured in the right manner and is extremely well planned. Thank you so much for your effort and hardwork. Great salute for preparing this precious package which is a boon for all NET aspirants. Course was really effective because it provided a clear cut understanding about literature than just fact files. The major peculiarity of the course is CLARITY. Anyone can understand your lectures like understanding one’s everyday communications with others. Audio online course is really a wonderful platform for every literature aspirant. Wish you all the success ahead.

Kancharla Chandrakala

I am really running out of words to type anything after listening to last audio. Although thank you is not enough to describe my gratitude, I m really impressed and inspired by u or should I say I have become a fan of yours.  I really appreciate your hardwork. It seems to me impossible how someone can teach such a large syllabus through audios that too in such a simple manner.  Not even me but all other family members of my family also appreciate you. I am sure all your students are going to clear the exam this time if they follow your lectures religiously.
Prachee Gulia

After joining your course, there is a tremendous feeling of pure satisfaction within myself. Your lectures have made me positive, inspired, confident and most of all satisfied. I am just feeling so satisfied because I know I had prepared full syllabus ,the most difficult theories are now so fully understandable and clear. I just want to say thanku soo much. I have learned and gained so much from you that I shall always be indebted. You have ignited the fuel of literature inside me. I feel this process of 6 months were the most valuable time of my life because of you. You have worked hard and put your soul in it. I just want to thank you as a mentor and teacher because you have made me learn zillion of things. We are of the same age and as a friend I look up to you. You probably are the best thing that happened to me this year and the things I have gained and learn from you is most precious

Yogita Mistra

Kuddos to you for giving your best known things to us students. I really appreciate what you are providing to us especially the audios of literally theories and literary criticism. They seemed too difficult and dam complicated when I read it in my pg, but right now because of your audio lectures, the theories are super interesting. Slowly, I have becoming your fan of teaching. Really you would become a great teacher and whenever you go students would love you as I do. This whole process of learning from you ,knowing literature more closely was out of the world! May you rise and shine personally as well professionally! May God give you more and more fire inside you only to create fire inside others through literature.God bless you !

Suman Mehta

There is so much to say to you. For the first time i have joined any coaching in my life, just because I never thought of it or not felt the need. But then as you say ,there is always a first time. In this process ,I am habitually so addicted to your voice that suddenly I realised that the period is over, and as you had uploaded the “last note from Arpita” i become a little emotional. Listening your voice, how six months have passed I have no clue. Have to say, you are very blessed to have that knowledge and passion and very few people have that language which make people understand things. By your voice only U have beautifully entered the life of mine and in some way you have contributed in my life’s success.That is a big thing. Through the audio only, you are guiding so many people, its a difficult process of learning as you can’t see the teacher you are being taught by. But must say it proves to be the most effective one. Be passionate, keep the fire in your heart, keep lightning people’s life. All the best for your upcoming audio courses and may the new year be bright and happy for you.
Ved Lakshmi

I subscribed for your course in August last year, and it was very helpful to me in covering the syllabus and qualifying NET.
I wanted to thank you your help. I love how systematic you are, and how well you have organised your study material.
But more than that, I would like to thank you for the major effort your have put in. This is not a mean task, collecting all requisite information and arranging it to suit the needs of a student. But you have managed it and excelled. I want to thank you for coming up with such a brilliant plan, it makes me happy that you have considered the difficulties you faced earlier and have worked out a solution for the rest of us. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Adyasha Patnaik

I just started listening to Literary Theory audios, and trust me you did a fabulous job in explaining the concepts. Thank you so much for being such an enthusiastic and great mentor. Moreover ma’am, it is not only this module which has been well taught but every single audio you have uploaded is very easy to comprehend.

Harmeet Kaur

Literary Theory and Criticism have always been my most favorite part of Literature and I was not sure of how these will be taught as mostly I dont like the teaching method of people teaching Theories and Criticism and that makes me sad as these two are really close to my heart. But the way you taught them was really commendable. No circumlocution. No extra fact files. Just the squeezed out essence. Your brevity and conciseness while teaching the Criticism reminded me of Bacon and I thoroughly enjoyed every single of the class of Criticism. I don’t think I will need a revision of this part ever again. Such was the beauty of your teaching here! Thank you not only from a student but more from a human being who was tensed on how her beloved would be dealt. I have loved Theory and Criticism so much that I have always avoided learning it from somebody else thinking what if the person teach these two so bad that it ruin my love for them. But then, your method was so precise that You actually strengthened my love for Criticism all over again.

Snigdha Ganguly

I am a working woman with a 3 year old son to take care of. I have to spend my precious 6-7 hours looking after household chores. Despite of my scattered schedule I somehow manage to listen to the audio lectures regularly and I have realized that if I sincerely, honestly, smartly follow the way Arpita ma`am teach I will definitely qualify NET exam. The online course is a blessing for students who can`t afford to go to another city to attend classes. Moreover, the best thing about this course is that I can study at my convenience. I am very happy to see that now when I solve previous year questions, I am able to answer them correctly. I had no clue of how was I going to fully justify my goal of being a teacher. But after listening to your audio lectures, not only they helped me for my entrance but they also are guiding me on the process of becoming a teacher.

Aanal Sevak

I just want to take some time to let you know that I am glad I got to know about you and your website. You are a role model to me and I just realized it. I could not resist to email you as your lectures regarding European literature especially Greek and Roman are really awesome. I am a non-literature student who managed to take literature at post-graduation level. Your lectures were so amazing that it cleared my fundamental concepts related to Bible and mythology. It’s been almost 3 months since i joined your online institute, I am much more confident for UGC NET Exam than I was ever before.

Harshika Santosh

I have been following your audios on your website. And am watching your videos in you tube. I must say that you are doing a great job madam. It is helping me to clear my doubts. I hardly get doubts when I read books because you have explained the topics so clearly in your audios. Your hardwork is not only helping NET aspirants to achieve their goals. Personally I got motivated by seeing your videos and audios. Your audios inspired me to learn more about English literature. I can say that you are not doing this just to earn money. I could see your passion towards literature. You are just amazing. Especially when you explain summaries you make sure that listeners won’t get confused at any point.

Neelashree Venkatesh

I found it easy to understand books like David Daiches and Michael Alexander after listening your audios. Earlier these books blow over my mind but you have expounded, as lucidly and simple as possible which helps me to understand the concepts in an easy way. It`s a revolution in the field of costly coaching institutions. I highly appreciate your work of online education. Though we haven`t met but still you are an inspiration. The way you teach, you inspire me. Cannot tell you, how I wish to be like you and serve in the most pacifying manner.

Nidhi Pandey

Your Online Course is Immensely worthy for us. I personally have realized at a deeper level that the way you teach us and directing us to clear UGC NET of English is very significant and it was really a tough task to prepare on our own. It feels like I am in the bottom of Literary ocean and you are our pioneer who is guiding us where to go, when to go and how to go. Your teaching way is so simple, clear that it makes me feel like I am collecting precious pearls and storing them under your supervision. Your teaching has given me a very clear knowledge of each and every term of literature till now. As I start to listen your audios, a very Energetic and Happy voice strikes to my ears…. “Hello Friends, I’m Arpita Karwa and in this audio lecture i’m going to talk about….”  and then you open your box of knowledge and start distributing these gems of knowledge to us. I wish that May you spread the light of your knowledge to all English Literature lovers. Thank you so very much for being my Teacher and my reliable Guide.

Rajni Saini

Though I never wanted to participate in any kind of scandulous events but some recent happenings compelled me to do so. Fortunately I have been a student of both of these institutes, Mam Karwa’s and of the other one. I will only say that I feel Arpita mam’s audio classes are way better than anyone. Like how mam left the online classes of that institute, I too left attending the classes after 2-3 months because I too felt the things that were being taught were not sufficient for the exam. I started preparing on my own and then when I joined mam’s audio lecture, half of my burden was relieved as after that iI only revised and covered things which she might not cover before July’s exam ( as I joined course for Dec 2018’s exam). Her audios worked like miracle for me as I was able to answer all the questions which i might have left if i had not joined audio lectures. And those who say that the team do not reply on time, I would say, I asked around 10-12 questions within a period of two months and i got all my answers on time. And just leave how mam teaches, what she talks about or if she replies or not…just forget… but once go through her website, she has given you 80% of the guidance in free of cost. You have lists of topics and previous papers, I blindly followed the list and scored 58 percent, you can see my score card on her website. I attended one coching in Delhi also but I didn’t have idea about all the authors that we need to prepare and mam’s list proved fruitful. But then I would say I studied a lot, this exam takes a lot from you… her audios, my own notes and many internet sources. I would suggest mam’s students and aspirants of this exam should not bother about any such controversy and prepare well. Your result should speak not you. Thank you

Mallika Tiwari

Thank you so much Ma’am. You are such an inspiration for me and many others. I love your devotion and passion towards all that you do, and most importantly how you guide your students to seek Almighty God’s help because it is His grace alone that brings success. I enjoy every single audio lecture of yours. It has ignited my passion for English Literature even more. Your lectures are systematic, well-organised, informative, interesting and delightful – all at the same time! It saves a lot of time for the students who would only get such information if he/she referred to many books and websites. May God himself richly reward you for all your labour of love and bless you multifold with all His heavenly blessings. Forever indebted to you, Love you, Ma’am.


From the audio lectures and website itself it is so obvious that how systematic and dedicated person you are, so that I did not have any worry concerning the audio lectures. The major advantage I meet with the audios is that it is good enough to save time because within a short span of time you provide a lot of relevant information, especially from the exam point of view. Since the lectures are well organized, it helps the students to get to know with the implied links between various literary arenas. Both the audio and video lectures are equally beneficial. Thank you Ma’am. I wish you enormous prosperity and success in all your endeavours.
Anjana Jose

3 months back, I was going through some random educational videos on YouTube, and came across this amazing website I was glad to find the organised and exact syllabus for UGC NET English. Initially I was doubtful to join the course hoping to cover it on my own.It took me 2 months to cover half of the British literature,in between I lost my motivation as collecting the material from different sources is very time consuming. I started hating my slow paced preparation, and finally decided to join Arpitakarwa.Com. I am proud of my decision. I enjoy every bit of audio lectures which are  simple,lucid, to the point and covers all the important topics. I never thought a single person can make teaching of such vast literature so simple. I heartily thank Arpita Karwa for her efforts and hard work.
Gagan Deep

My journey through literature wasn’t a cake walk as I wanted to be a writer than reading other’s writings. But when I started following your audios , literature became lucid. Your scientific lecture delivery and motivating voice has given a drastic boost to my interest in literature. And all the more, I am enjoying this learning experience.

Madhabi Chatterjee

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart,  I qualified SET of Andhra Pradesh. I never dared to appear for NET due to lack of confidence. It is only after listening to your audio lectures that I’m developing confidence. Now you have become my guru. Its because of your guidance that I’m filled with confidence. I am now ready to face this exam. In spite of having so many followers, you are always available for guiding me personally. Hats off to you. Your classes leave me spellbound and mesmerized.
Durga Prasad

Ma’am you are incredible. I am in love with your revolutionary pedagogical style of teaching. Your each & every lectures are splendidly awesome you are a true mentor. I ‘ll not find a better teacher than you, a truly inspirational motivational soul for me. You are an epitome of confidence, strength & benevolence. This platform provided by you is concrete, crystal clear & complete package of knowledge, ideas,skills & enlightened in itself. Thank you so much for developing such a amazing platform. They said “teacher ignites the fire in a student”. Well in my case it’s more than truth, you really did rekindle my literature love and aspire me to crack the exam every single day. Wishing you all the success & happiness in your life.
Reetika Singh

3 months back, who could have possibly thought of a name Arpita to be stored permanently in our psyche. She is imparting wisdom and knowledge to so many literary enthusiasts. With each interaction, Arpita kept on raising her levels like no other teacher without showing any sign of arrogance (I loved this humility). A Guru is always a Guru. I feel indebted to her. Furthermore, her way of teaching has mostly left me dumbstruck. Now, when I teach in my graduation classes, I unconsciously use her way of communication. Words will not suffice in her praise….. Even Browning’s optimistic pen can’t estimate her true genius and literally, her immortal words, ” Till the time we meet next, Happy learning, keep loving literature and stay tuned to ” keep on echoing in my ears. Zillion time thanks Teacher👍🏻👍🏻

Kishore Kumar

I have recently joined your online classes, and my journey so far has been great. I am really impressed how the topics which took me weeks to complete earlier are now being completed in just few days. When I was studying on my own, I was very confused about which books to refer, which work to deeply study and what to choose from so many works of the long listed writers. This was the main reason why I was being lethargic to start my preparation. But with the help of your study plan the syllabus has become easy to manage and I am clear about the important topics. Thank you for such wonderful idea.

Aaradhana Bandral

Apart from NET, audio lectures are making me to grow a relation with literature. Simplified summaries, and mythological characters were painted detail in my brain. In fact your explanation and examples are providing beautiful images of historical scenes which later working as muse to write my poetry. Its totally a surprise that I met a website like this. Am a great fan of Milton, the way to explained his life, and Paradise Lost is simply superb.
Deepak Tijori

To be very honest at first I was not sure about audio lectures. Because listening to audios and making notes out of them can be very time consuming. But I joined the course anyway after going through the course content which seemed very organised. It’s been 2 months and now I can say, I’m happy that I made the right decision because when I have my headphones on and I’m listening to the audios, I feel like I’m sitting in the class room and making notes from the lectures. Every confusion is being solved right away. I’m starting to love literature more. I can’t thank her enough for this amazing platform.

Priyanka Roy Chowdhary

At first, I was very confused about audio lectures that whether I will be benefited from this or not, also in Rewa there is no coaching available for NET aspirants but truly after joining the course I feel so relaxed that yes I can prepare for UGC NET in an organised way. Ma’am, you teach in a extremely simplified way and you provide us exactly what we need. Thank you for this interesting platform. You are truly amazing.

Anadi Chaturvedi

You teach in a very organized manner That`s what I like d most about your course. I used to get afraid of Net exam but then I found your website. You have mentioned the entire syllabus which have made preparation so easy for us. You are like God’s angel for us for this exam, otherwise for me it was very difficult to crack Net. You are very hard working ma`mm. You are the Best Teacher. Please keep on teaching us in this manner for the times to come as well. God bless u.

Isha Choudhary

I am really fortunate to have the opportunity of attending your audio lectures. You are really an ocean of knowledge and it would be my greatest pleasure if I could have a drop of it .I am very very satisfied with your organised efforts and systematic teaching skills. Your audio lectures clear all my questions and doubts. After joining your course, I feel confident that I will be able to clear NET exam. Thank you so much.

Vandana Khatri

I was first afraid of joining a online audio class. But my fear goes wrong it was a good experience to join in your class mam. Your lectures are very good . Discussing the last year question paper at the last of each audio lectures saves my time by not reading question paper again. All your lectures are very clear and easy to understand. I am glad to be a part of your course.

Kiruthika Prakash

I’m feeling very happy to be your student. In the beginning of my preparation for NET exam, I was searching for websites, notes and I landed up on your YouTube channel. I felt confident after joining your course and now I believe I can win. Thank you so much for making my preparation journey so easy.

Really enthralled to begin along with your online audio classes. As a regular employee in the Indian army I was confused how to begin and where to begin and the greatest challenge was the TIME factor. Checked and went through many academic institutions on Youtube ,but wasn’t satisfied. Finally came across your new idea of inline audio classes and extremely grateful as your effort is yielding good result as it is productive . Your effort is commendable and convenient for working students. Thanks a lot.
Arvind Boro

I was so confused about which online course should I join for UGC NET English. After joining through the YouTube videos, I joined Arpita Karwa online coaching for my better future. After joining this course, I can say that its a miracle for NET aspirants. Arpita ma`am is extremely cooperative.  Her way of teaching is tremendous. I am also working as Assistant Professor of English. Due to shortage of time, I can’t study properly but after joining this course it seems that which each passing day I am getting close to my goal. Thank you so much  for your hard work Arpita ma`am.

Nirmaljot Sindhu

Before coming to Arpita`s English Club, I was really stuck with English. I had the urgency to learn, but I felt insecure. In Arpita Ma`am classes, I learnt that it’s possible to progress; to learn English following the correct steps. She uses a very pedagogical methodology in a really smart and effective way. From the beginning of my classes, Arpita Ma`am knew where I was and where I could arrive. She helped me to find a very concrete short time goal, realistic but interesting for me. All this things have changed my perspective about English.

Aditi Tank

Every class of Arpita Ma`am is an amazing occasion to learn a lot about grammar, pronunciation, idioms and American habits and culture. She is very good combination of talent and hardwork. She teaches in a simply way just what we needed. She is much more than a really good English teacher, she is a Super Professional Language Coach and Trainer. She has the ability to encourage people and has encouraged me from the beginning until the end of the course. She knows how to simplify problems and to makes easy all things, going to the root of the problems directly.

Priyanshu Sharma

When I attended the workshop at Arpita`s English Club, the sincerity and passion of the Arpita Ma`am provided me the desire to increase my self-awareness and self-belief. The feedback I received helped me to understand that I had the power to achieve what I set my mind on. Amongst the many leadership gurus, advisors and consultants available around me, Arpita Ma`am has stood head and shoulders above her peers. Thank you ma`am for awakening the dormant potential within me and giving me the courage to pursue my dreams in the fence of difficulties. You have taught me to THINK BIG, THINK FAST & THINK AHEAD.

Riddhima Malani

LTC has been a revelation for me. , Arpita Ma`am through LTC, gave me a framework for flowing with this game of life and winning it.The powerful methodology, anecdotes and a sense of humour which co-existed with the seriousness and punch accorded to the learning were par-excellence, relevant & exemplary and only vindicated the program name as Life Transformation Workshop!! In summary, I am not the same person whom I knew and wonder what life would have been without LTC! Thank you Arpita Ma`am.

Param Vijayvargia

My classes with Arpita`s English Club have been awesome. I have been taking the classes for almost two months, thrice a week and I am really happy about my improvement. Now I feel more comfortable and secure when speaking English and more fluent, too. One great thing about the class is that I could fix my goals with Arpita Ma`am so she prepared the lessons according to that. It was a completely customized program. I thank her for all her patience and extraordinary enjoyment of teaching English.

Mridu Lakhotia

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