There are the only 2 options in life. Either ignores the small things to achieve higher goals or subordinate somebody in life, if you want to stand above the crowd, if you want to be someone who will be looked up to, then there is just one choice for you. You have to subordinate your likes and dislikes, ignore the small things, and keep focusing on larger goals.

I like sleeping. I dislike exercise. I like fried food. I dislike sprouts and salads. Beyond my likes and dislikes, I, also know I can do a lot more with my life if I am fit and healthy. So, I subordinate my liking for excessive sleep and fried foods, as well as my dislike for exercise, sprouts and salads to the purpose of being healthy in life. So I do what the body needs to be fit and healthy.

Obviously, Vishvnathan Anand would not have been in the typical bandwagon during his adolescent years. If he had been, he would not be the world champion. Parties, chill-outs, discotheques, movies, hanging-out, gang biking are typical expressions of growing years. And if they had those typical growing years then they would not be the Leander Peas and Sachin Tendulkar that we know of. We enjoy the free India that we enjoy because so many nameless, faceless Indians subordinate their likes, dislikes, family, and even their lives for the purpose of driving the British out.

Most successful people became what they became because, much after all of us went to sleep, they were still working. If I need everything from life then I need to first give everything I have got to life. We don’t have to give all that. We just need to forgo some of our likes and some of our dislikes, so that we can have all of the purpose that we desire so dearly. If I have to reach where I have never reached, then I will have to take the path that I have never taken. If I have to achieve what I have never achieved before, then I will have to do the things that I have never done before. If I have to accomplish what no one has ever done, I have to do what no one has ever done.

Either Subordinate your likes and dislikes to the purpose of your life or subordinate the purpose of your life to your likes and dislikes. This simply explains why it is so crowded in the bottom of the pyramid. For the few, who have chosen to be one above the crowd, their likes, their dislikes, even their life is insignificant compared to the purpose of their life.

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