Paper 2- June 2008

1. Tennyson’s poem about women’s rights and women’s sphere is :
(A) Maud
(B) In Memoriam
(C) Idylls of the King
(D) The Princess
Answer: D

2. ‘Hymn To Adversity’ is a poem by :
(A) Thomas Gray
(B) Edward Gibbon
(C) Alexander Pope
(D) William Blake
Answer: A

3.The King James Bible was published in :
(B) 1610
(D) 1612
Answer: C

4.’IL Migilor Fabro’ is the expression Eliot used for :
(A) W. B. Yeats
(B) Samuel Beckett
(C) W. H. Auden
(D) Ezra Pound
Answer: D

5. ‘The Figure a poem Makes’ is an essay by :
(A) Henry James
(B) Sylvia Plath
(C) Robert Frost
(D) Wallace Stevens
Answer: C

6. ”Ripeness is all” occurs in :
(A) King Lear
(B) Hamlet
(C) Macbeth
(D) Julius Caeser
Answer: A

7. A. C. Bradley’s Shakespearean Tragedy was published in :
(A) 1903
(B) 1904
(C) 1905
(D) 1906
Answer: B

8. ‘Topsy’ appears in :
(A) Uncle Tom’s Cabin
(B) History of the United States
(C) Walden
(D) Tom Sawyer
Answer: A

9. A poem that captures the essence of a moment in a simple image is :
(A) Lyric
(B) Ballad
(C) Ode
(D) Haiku
Answer: D

10. Which of the following Shakespearean plays are in the correct chronological sequence ?
(A) The Merchant of Venice – Henry IV Part I – Romeo and Juliet – Richard II
(B) Richard II – Henry IV Part I – Romeo and Juliet – The Merchant of Venice
(C) Henry IV Part I – Romeo and Juliet – The Merchant of Venice – Richard II
(D) Romeo and Juliet -Richard II – Henry IV Part I – The Merchant of Venice
Answer: D

11. The word ‘nature’ in the eighteenth century literature stands for :
(A) Nature of writing
(B) External nature
(C) Human nature
(D) The Universe
Answer: C

12. Who is given credit for first using the term“romantic?
(A) Friedrich Schlegel
(B) Kant
(C) Coleridge
(D) Schiller
Answer: A

13. Gudrun is a character in a novel by :
(A) James Joyce
(B) Virginia Woolf
(C) D. H. Lawrence
(D) E. M. Forster
Answer: C

14. July’s People is a novel by :
(A) Margaret Atwood
(B) V. S. Naipul
(C) Wole Soyinka
(D) Nadine Gordimer
Answer: D

15. Heroic Couplet is a pair of :
(A) Rhyming iambic pentameter lines
(B) Unrhyming iambic pentameter lines
(C) Rhyming iambic hexameter
(D) Unrhyming iambic hexameter
Answer: A

16. ‘Gestalt’ theory of literature considers text as :
(A) a structure of metaphors
(B) a unified whole
(C) an experimentation in form
(D) construction of history
Answer: B

17. Margaret Laurence is a novelist from :
(A) Australia
(B) The U.S.A.
(C) Canada
(D) Britain
Answer: C

18.Sartor Resartus is a text by :
(B) Arnold
(C) Carlyle
(D) Burke
Answer: C

19. Who of the following is not a university wit ?
(B) Robert Greene
(C) Kyd
(D) Marlowe
Answer: A

20. Bosola is a character in a play by :
(A)Ben Jonson
(B) Webster
(C) Christopher Marlowe
(D) Thomas Middleton
Answer: B

21. ‘Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive, But to be young was very heaven’. This occurs in a poem by :
(A) William Wordsworth
(B) S. T. Coleridge
(C) Byron
(D) Shelley
Answer: A

22. A Dance of the Forest is written by :
(A) Margaret Atwood
(B) Nadine Gordimer
(C) Chinua Achebe
(D) Wole Soyinka
Answer: D

23. The first Canadian poet is :
(A) Charles Sangster
(B) Oliver Goldsmith
(C) Charles Heavysege
(D) Alexander Machlachlan
Answer: A

24. Heroic quatrain is :
(A) a stanza in blank verse
(B) eight line stanza in iambic hexameter
(C) four line stanza in iambic pentameter
(D) six line stanza in iambic pentameter
Answer: C

25. ‘Bildungsroman’ translated literally means :
(A) Development novel
(B) Psychological novel
(C) Autobiographical novel
(D) Campus novel
Answer: A

26.A book that faithfully renders a young man’s confused images of love and rejection is :
(A) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young man
(B) Lucky Jim
(C) Daisy Miller
(D) The brave New World
Answer: A

27. Victorian Age witnessed a clash between :
(A) faith and reason
(B) tradition and modernity
(C) oriental and occidental civilization
(D) romanticism and neo romanticism
Answer: A

28. “For gold in Physique is Cordial/Therefore, he loved gold in special” relates to Chaucer”s
(A) Friar
(B) Monk
(C) Doctor
(D) Pardoner
Answer: C

29. The historical novel began in ;
(A)Restoration Period
(B) Augustan Age
(C) Victorian Period
(D) Romantic Period
Answer: D

30. The term ‘Campus novel’ is associated with :
(A) Graham Green
(B) Kingsley Amis
(C) Margaret Drabble
(D) William Golding
Answer: B

31. Which of the following author-book pair is correctly matched ?
(A) Hard Times – George Eliot
(B) Heroes and Hero Worship – Walter Patar
(C) Sourab and Rustom – Matthew Arnold
(D) Ethics of the Dust- Macaulay
Answer: C

32. The title of William Faulkner’s The Sound and Fury is derived from a play by :
(A) William Shakespeare
(B) Christopher Marlow
(C) John Webster
(D) Ben Jonson
Answer: A

33. The new humanism school of philosophy and literary criticism was popular in America during :
(B) 1910-1930
Answer: B

34.Internal rhyme is :
(A) the basic rhythmic structure of a poem
(B) rhyming of two words in alternative lines
(C) rhyming of two or more words in the same line of poetry
(D) all the lines of a poem ending with the same line pattern
Answer: C

35. The macabre element in drama was introduced by :
(A) John Lyly
(B) Marlow
(C)Ben Jonson
(D)John Webster
Answer: D

36. The line “I am no Prince Hamlet nor was meant to be…….” appears in T. S. Eliot’s
(A) Gerontion
(B) The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock
(C) Four Quartets
(D) The Waste-Land
Answer: B

37. ‘Fancy’ deals with :
(A) Fixities and definities
(B) Imagination and Reason
(C) Judgement and Memory
(D) Structure and Superstructure
Answer: A

38. Swift’s Modest proposal is written in the form of a :
(A) Project in political economy Social Satire
(B) Political allegory
(C) Social Satire
(D) Old-Testament history
Answer: C

39. The main idea of Pope’s The Dunciad was taken from :
(A) Absalom and Achitophel
(B) Mac-Flecknoe
(C) The Medal
(D) An Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot
Answer: B

40. Which of the following is not a Browning’s work ?
(A) Dramatic Lyrics Men and Women
(B) Dramatic Personae
(C) Men and Women
(D) The Palace of Art
Answer: D

41. The most obvious feature of Johnson’s The Lives of the Poets is the equipoise between :
(A) Language and form
(B) Style and content
(C) Biography and criticism
(D) Myth and archetype
Answer: C

42. “The Kelson of creation is love”. The line occurs in Walt Whitman’s :
(A) Paumonak
(B) Passage to India
(C) O Captain, My Captain
(D) Song of Myself
Answer: D

43. With whom was Dr. Johnson intimately associated in his personal life ?
(A) Boswell
(B) Dryden
(C) Alexander Pope
(D) Lord Bolingbroke
Answer: A

44. The early religious drama is associated with :
(A) Superstitions and beliefs
(B) Mysteries and histories
(C) Interludes and mysteries
(D) Miracles and morality
Answer: D

45. The Tale of Two Cities has :
(A) a sentimental buffoon with a moral purpose
(B) a courageous lady in pain
(C) an optimist on verge of collapse
(D) a romantic hero with a weakness
Answer: B

46. Sheridan’s first play was :
(A) The Rivals
(B) School for Scandal
(C) St. Patrick’s Day
(D) A Trip to Scarborough
Answer: A

47. Anti-sentimental comedy is a criticism of :
(A) loss of moral purpose
(B) excess of emotion
(C) excess of reason
(D) loss of human feelings
Answer: B

48. Which of the following novel-novelist pair is correctly matched ?
(A) Bhabani Bhattacharya – All About H. Hatter
(B) Nayantara Sahgal – Cry, the Peacock
(C) Bhagwandas Gidwani – A Bend in the Ganges
(D) Arun Joshi – The Apprentice
Answer: D

49. The Indian English poet who addressed the question ‘of time’ in his poetry is :
(A) Nissim Ezeikel
(B) R. Parthsarathy
(C) A.K. Ramanujan
(D) Gieve Patel
Answer: B

50. Symbolist movement was influenced by :
(A) Poetic theory of Edgar Allan Poe
(B) Stephane Mallarme’s Poetry
(C) Prose of Emerson
(D) Ezra Pound’s Cantos
Answer: B

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