You analyze with your intelligence. And, you wonder through your emotions. To facilitate wondering, man has been designed in such a way when his emotions take over, his intelligence takes a backseat. If you know too much about astronomy, you wouldn’t say, ‘’Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are?’’ You would only say, ‘’Twinkle twinkle little star, I know so much about what you are?’’ That’s why, when you are completely consumed by your intelligence, you cannot be emotional. That’s why people who are too contemplative and analytical of a situation, rarely get emotionally involved with the situation.

The converse too is true and that’s the cause of most human predicament. When you are in the sway of emotions, intelligence doesn’t work. And, to make good decisions, intelligence is required. Obviously, decisions made in the sway of emotions turn out to be regrettable decisions.

After an emotional outburst, when you suddenly resign from you office, you wish if you had waited for another week, you might not have resigned. But you were so upset, so upset, your emotions clouded your intelligence. May be your boss was wrong, but resignation wasn’t the only way to resolve the issue. If only you had waited for your emotions to settle down you wouldn’t not have sacked your best employee. May be your employee did err, but termination wasn’t the only way to resolve the issue. But your emotions got the better of you.

From physical abuse to verbal admonishment to breaking things to hitting yourself every senseless act in an act performed when the senses are not working. You were too emotional to be intelligent. Suicide itself is a decision taken in the sway of emotions. If only they had passed that transition they would have lived on. If only there was anyone to absorb their emotions during that transition they would have never contemplated suicide .

Actions performed and decisions taken in the sway of emotions will make your life an epic of sorrow. Remember, in the sway of emotions intelligence does not work. So, whenever you find yourself, the other, or the atmosphere emotional… abstain from action, abstain from decision – making and wait a little longer for your emotions to settle .When you are emotional, in fact, it is better to procrastinate. There is still a lifetime ahead. Decide through your mind and relate with your heart.

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