Only when a student can relate to the teacher, he will relate to the subject. Only when he can relate to the subject, will he learn the subject. We all have gone through this experientially – till that English teacher walked into our life, English was a nightmare. Something connected us to that English teacher, which in turn got us connected to English, and eventually learning English became a natural flow. It could be Zoology or Maths or Music or Yoga, or it could be life. First comes the love for the teacher; then love for the subject; only then the ability to grasp the subject develops.

Though it is a management philosophy, “What you do OFF the job with your staff determines your success ON the job with them,” it is equally relevant to the teacher-student relationship. Unfortunately, due to academic demands and compelling pressure on time, teachers are becoming less to students OUT OF the classroom. This must change. The more accessible you become to students OUT OF the teacher’s shoes, the more they will derive out of you when you are IN the teacher’s shoes. A teacher must open a little bit of her personal self to them, as a part of the teaching, instead of always sticking to the subject. This will help them relate to as a human being than just the teacher, who is a professional.

Whether it is a language or science or arithmetic or economics or history or pathology relate the subject to their life. Show them the application of the subject in their life rather than making the subject look too abstract. Attraction is not possible without distraction. People, especially students, have a limited attention span. So, once in a way go off the subject and come back to the subject. This way you will enjoy a much better attention span from your students.

You should know the subject ‘n’ times more than what you teach. Only then you can empower the students with the subject. Keep teaching, but also keep learning. A teacher should never stop being a student. Above all, the student will love you and the subject you teach, only if you can love the student. If you love teaching, and love the subject you are teaching, and love the student you are teaching, then you will be a teacher with a magic touch. Believe in your creations, your students, and they in turn will make you feel proud.

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