Surveys show that 56% of women and 43% of men are not satisfied with their looks. They have a complex about their looks. This desperation to look beautiful will soon make the mirror the most dominant presence in your life. No wonder, this desperation to look beautiful has made the beauty industry a multi-million dollar industry .

Please understand that you will look only the way you look. A beautician can temporarily camouflage your outward appearance, but your inner state good or bad, generous or miserly, loving or hateful, will show up somewhere in your body. If you are good from within, your face will reflect the mesmerizing state of goodness. Seek the outer beauty that will be a reflection of your inner beauty.

External beauty fades with time and inner beauty blossoms with time. Outer beauty is an ‘ageing phenomenon’ and inner beauty is a ‘growing phenomenon ’.Instead of lipstick, try speaking words of kindness to everybody and see how attractive your lips become. Develop the beauty of your eyes by seeing only the good in people. Improve your hearing by listening to good music. Maintain a healthy heart by loving everyone without discrimination. Keep your nose clean by smelling fragrant flowers. Clean your mind by forgiving both yourself and others. Work on your legs by reaching out to others in need. A good farmer will tell you, if you take care of the roots, the tree will take care of itself. Take care of your within and your without will reflect your within. True beauty is not seen: it is felt.

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