Suppressing anger is not a solution. In fact, it takes greater amount of energy to hold your emotions than to express it. Emotions born but not expressed do not get buried dead, but get buried alive. All suppressed emotions keep burning from within. Continuous suppression of anger, or for that matter any emotion, accumulates into emotional baggage and they come out in ugly and unmanageable proportions in the most unexpected circumstances. So, suppressing anger is not the solution but transcending anger is.

First understand anger. Anger is not a result of what the world does to you. Anger is the basic expression of your inability to be in control of the situation in any other way. Whenever the current situation is not in your control you let your temper loose .In the animal kingdom, the only way to keep oneself away from being hurt by the rest is by exhibiting anger. “Come no further. This hurts. This is my space. I do not want to be disturbed,” and many more of these expressions can only be communicated to others through anger. Anger is their defense mechanism. Anger in human beings is that animal expressing itself. When through human ways we are not able to take control of a situation, we resort to the animal in us so the primary understanding is that anger is not born out of any deficiency with others, but out of your own inadequacy to be in control of a situation. It is not that he is not doing what I want him to do. It is that I am not able to get him to do what I want. So I become angry. Anger is more a message to you than to the world. Anger tells you to look into some inadequacy that is there in you. So, how do I transcend anger .

Awareness! It is through awareness and awareness alone that you can transcend anger. Every time you get angry, become aware of it. Ask yourself the following questions: whom are you primarily destroying with your anger isn’t it yourself; what did you get in return – a small job was done and acids got secreted in your body; is it worth it; what was your personal inadequacy that led to this anger; was there another way, a better way, a humane way in which you could have handled the situation? If need be, maintain a pocket journal with you in which you can record your awareness and realizations during every bout of your anger .The more and more you find answers to the above questions, the lesser will be the intensity of your anger. Over a period of time, you would have not only conquered your anger but would have also evolved into a much better person, equipped in enough human ways to take control of any situation.

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